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I'm encompassed by the world you painted on my eyes 

Here I am 
Feeling like a failure
From my senseless reckless rash behavior 
Here's my pain
candid moments
And freeze 'em in a frame
Full-encompassed, steady motives
I'll make it everything
We wit it
We wit it
We wit it
We wit it
If and when you
Locked up in my room
Encompassed by emotion
Dreaming of the ocean
Blue waters in my mind
I'm in my head all the time
Won't you bring me back
Your flames encompassed everything from your features

Rose from the ground
You were something like a Phoenix
Flames encompassed everything from
Neon Gang and Cyber Clan Yeah

Ice of the crystals off this comet
Encompassed with my fire hora
All of the elements water drip faucet
Got the key
Do you dream
Do you dream?
Of the time before the good book
Encompassed everything

There was a personal
Not poisoned by a man's
am encompassed by hallways of dimensions
Pseudo realities, each leading to astral damnations
Where the flesh is condemned and the elements reign
and it all felt fine

I was the only one walking on the ocean that night
I was the only one encompassed and kissed by starlight
And all the fireflies
departed man

Shrouded in anger encompassed by pain
He was your best friend and you will never ever ever see him again

Now Mary's out the door with
made in yester-years 
That comprise Jacob Marley's chain.

Well, I had a little metaphor to state my case 
It encompassed the condition of the human
A change another mob (?) threw through the window
And visions encompassed within
Began to spin
Spinning around
Spinning around
Spinning around
Atlanta and all summer 16s
Your thoughts are all encompassed using Instagram memes
That's why the game missed me, but I can't do it myself
So Code,
Yeah my uh minds encompassed
Fully focused
Hold your horses
Sven you're slowly morphing
Extort this hopeless...magic potion
It's your token
It keep
violent but he still had a plan for me
But I was holding on to only what I could see

Transgressions they encompassed me
I was caught up in the devils web
I knew that there was something really off about this missy 
Her rumpus was encompassed with nothin but scales 
Shaped like a whale was bout to get
restrain your mercy from me
Your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me
For evils have encompassed me beyond number
My iniquities have
won’t let this
Get the better of me
It’s encompassed
Everything that I see
Every step that I take
Desire’s got control of me so I
away we were
Until I'd seen

The Earth and the Moon
Encompassed by the haze
Of a thousand galaxies

Lying down in the snow
Huddled up in the breeze
Avalanche to the ground
Encompassed by frozen sea
Devoured, diminished
He won't melt, he's finished
Devoured, diminished
Bodies hit the ground
And there is no
cuz we knew where the heat was at

Am I not good enough if I am not fully encompassed?
If I stopped rapping for a dime, would anybody notice?
I feel I
And I would eat it happily
I'm finally free though
And this rib cage that makes up my skeletal body is here to protect me
The heart that's encompassed
the bottom of the mud
But ain't a stain on me I'm encompassed by your blood
I ain't slatt, I ain't slime but the power of the blood is on me
I received it I'm
fooled by no surface
Niggas don't practice what they preach

Cause some seek
To be encompassed by love
I need a compass because
I been lost and misdirected
knowing it is
Encompassed in trials and trouble
But she never struggle
Ignoring that shit
Higher up than a mere mortal
The mindset she got her
Restoring her

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