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quite like me
Isn't that Presumably
What it is they say you're looking for
Ballad singer with a guitar
Okay so guitar was the part I got wrong
still on a mission
but yo punk ass wouldn't listen itchin ta take my
frustations out on the next man with no question
cause I'm stressin

 Chorus (2
To the third part (what?) it's a trilogy

What you didn't know
Ay yo we bring the bumps
Bumps for your trunk and we making the funk-funk

[Chorus x2]

rock, light source by the force
Bang-bang, boogie-boogie up jump the jumpstart
Ignite to take flight we rocked ya depart (where?)
To the third part
they'd find that part for his truck
So he drank a beer, then two
as a rock band hit the stage
When all he wanted to do
was have a drink with folks his
And i'm ready to bust a head or two or three
Bitch come deal with E - geah
So gang way, as I pump another sucker 
and I'm swift as they scared stiff by
Prepare for Attack on the Stars
Prepare for Attack on the Stars
Five, four, three, two, one
Begin attack
Begin attack

Ah, hip, Swass, down
your adjective
But odd as it may be
Without my 1 and 2 where would there be
My 3
Mase Pos and Me
And that's the Magic Number

Focus is formed by
What's the flavor ?Tim? (Fuck what you heard, this rated R)

Back to part two of the segment, the Red bend
Mics of all types, pour beer out for
bulletproof off 
But when they jump, I pump 
To put some murderin' punks 
And then I dump all his body parts into my trunk 

I'ma terror
echoed through the crowd
Six punks hit, two punks died
All causalities was applied to their side
Human lives has to pass just for talking much trash
The midnight murder  two cop bodies on my heat 

Walk the street with a motherfuckin straight face 

Little shorty flip the script  huh
But when we made it out to  the ride
It was gone, we had to shoot it out
Side by side
Punk left us there to die in a ditch!

I'm hittin' switches

Chorus: Erick Sermon (repeat 2X)

	Off and on, off and on, it's on (4X)
Hittin' switches!

[Erick Sermon]
Ah shit, it's part two
Sent by G.O.D
To save the word you and me
You never know who you facin'
Who ya chasin'
The life you wastin'

[Verse 2]
I was made by
punk‘s not dead, but a transient teen unsung godsend, via 3 bar chords and a mugshot grin, cheese, sign of a runaway tone in the face of authority thumbing
Yeah, yeah
Fuck all these niggaz
You know what I'm talkin' about Wino
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Two minutes and twenty-one seconds of funk
and I ain't no punk
Okay (Yeah) 
It's about that time again 

Green Lantern 

That's right! 

G-G-G-G-G Unit 

Ha ha ... Shady 

We Back 


Gotta let a woman be	 a woman (2x)

[Verse 1]
Don't touch the merchandise you got it honey
You're standing here see me coming you try to puff out
Dangle a, nigga by the ankle off the balcony
Now let his punk ass go, look out below (Below)
It's a tale of two cities, come out when the sun go
(Mary had a little lamb)
That's a fib, she had two twins though
And one crib
Now she's only fourteen, what a start
But this defect is ground
(Mary had a little lamb)
That's a fib, she had two twins though
And one crib
Now she's only fourteen, what a start
But this defect is ground
Up in them five star tellies and two mic rhymes
Be them average MC's of the times
Unlike them, we craft gems
So systematically inclined to pen lines
"Hey punk, you forgot your chair!"
And by the look in his eyes, I knew that this was the end.

Then he body slammed me two or three times
And he put
season niggaz be lookin` for a reason to rush ya 
So I suggest you put up your bootsees man and pull out your buckets
Here`s another part

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