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I am encoding the present
This beauty is unpleasant
For me
There is no need any more

I am hacking int the now
Looks too real to be true
There is no
and dance
Wish you could see what I'm encoding right now
Turn it up louder
Ain't no way I can sugar coat it right now
Get up and dance
You got my system
I am the virus
I am a siren in the rain.
I am a courier bring the
Spiral into your brain.
Alter connections, encoding now
Initial sequence is loading
an absolute being is maybe written deep in genetic structures
Encoding experience within the essence
Memories of the ancients forever coded in the core of all
the battle has already been won within
A conquered encoding that translates through all
Honor and be honored
Be courageous and compassionate
optimal significance
Realities revelation encoding a new frame of mind, reconciling my nature   
Opening a lore 
Has opened a door
Realms broaden the mind
Shadows glitch and disappear
My skin rips and lives in fear
A program of encoding
One code preventing me from floating
At the cost of my self
his cerebrum
It's my synaptic encoding; entrapped—relapsing devotion
"Attempt to vacate"—a fake-faced take-action notice
Your love was dramaturgy:
Are you sightless?
Are you grounded?
Are you flightless?
Try so hard you will
Try so hard you will
So are you blinded?
Are you
silence your mind

Find the ledgers full of names of immigrants
Who sailed from Holland long ago
See the rows of numbers encoding their lives
Encoding the flowers in the yard
Patient, and waiting for the dart
Your breath tickling my spine
The mark left is oh so divine

It takes two
or  toe
And  every  place  of  rest  is  converted  to  suddenly  in  one  four  roads
And  the  mind  of the  thief
It is  the  most  capable  of  encoding
Unending progression
Of flickering lights
Encoding the chain of events.

We’re watching the movements,
We’re tracing the dreams,
We're holding this
out my cage
No gold chains on my neck
I don't promote being a slave
Black encoding vitamin D till the grave
Patience is a vital virtue I'm proud to be
watch the pulse of lights
They are clear and steady
Scanning us continuously
Pull all data incessantly

Huge digital billboards
Encoding electronic
First we drink all the booze
Then hack all the things
Then backdoor the firmware
On anything you bring
Regardless of the hardware, service, or encoding
reinvigorated by this atmosphere which manages to unify all the alternating personalities, encoding the mind in favour of the mind and its spiritual element. 
cannot discover places where I wander
Got no ice at all because i am encoding

Yeah you wanna know, but all you know is false
Yeah I'm not alone, but that
savage AnDawg on the block
These rhymes gonna put you in shock
Encoding my verses like SHA

Man you thought I was flak, but I'm back
Though I hit the sack
of virtual masturbation
Resistance futile explorations arrange your thoughts your
Great peace of encoding is just illusion of parallel time
Cameras zoom out
modering, I'm in a model game, energy overloading, I'm going in,
Could we be folding, encoding then and then release your gun and hold in my crap.
So the feet dance through the motions of encoding that sound
Analogue mechanisms whir
As a million pins punch tiny holes in reams of tape
And as it
Encoding the white noise
Lose my way and fall again

Creating dreams from a broken past
It tears a hole and sucks you dry
If you know secrets tell me
With the sharpest of objects
You should take immodium AD, because you need to stop that soft shit
Im encoding the proper topics to cover
Even started

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