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Enabling act
To Bush's Patriot act
Making minions of millions
It's all an act

Cause panic sufficient to entice
Hypnotic repetition, petition signed
causing you To act hypocrite
Enabling negectful totally Disrespectful
Ungreatful regretful she got you tied Down uneventful
My brother died my mother cried
my homie you don’t fuck wit me now
Corona got my future with the mask on
That’s only enabling shit for me to act on
Cuz if a nigga really got it imma
that you are gonna act your age
Da da da dahh

When does this become enabling
Somebody tell me when I get to stop waiting
Why must I censor all of my
ever did was good enough for you
I suppose you expect me to cherish you
For finally helping me get clean
After years of enabling me
But I never got clean
can't speak for you or speak for me, when they twist up the truth so frequently
On frequencies and airwaves and websites, they act like white supremacy is
they act like white supremacy is their
Birthright, as they fight for church rights, but the Lord is coming to set the church right
Set the earth right,
existence and permitting
Of this blatant act of treason
Hankerchiefs for all you grievers
Need some credence for your secrets, I 

Hit them with the truth
change, only more hate
False acts of progress followed by complacency
Disenfranchised, nobody cared
When it happened to you then suddenly it matters
a bitch stop all the enabling
Teach you a lesson like I'm Aesop fabling

I don't trust nobody but my bro yeah yeah yeah
I don't trust no bitch don't trust
matter what state I'm in
Belaboring every point, I never played the fence
Enabling agents on occasions of purple rain, of sense
How insane it is, I'm
Is it all right to wear to where my blackness
If media is telling me to act less
It's really hard to ever be an actress
That's why some of us opt
I was thinking bout 2018 the other night
I sunk my teeth inside the ego like it's overbite
Controlling, right
Acts of spite and lashing out on dead
the schizophrenic in me
Telling me to take a life
If act on it then imma ruin everything aligned
Two tone whip yuh
But I'm colorblind
That's a full round clip yuh
Knocked up by my mistakes, I wonder
Why when I'm in rage I hear a thunder?

Enabling you to feel the same
I messed up everything again

Running over
off that lazy shit
They came lunging with a knife and you take the twist
Ain't here for enabling those who stay de-stabling
Whether friend or foe, I'm
rapper act like trash?
Mainstream media will give you a rash

Enabling stupidity
Yall tryna get rid of me
It's a shame no one sees
Troubling people for
needs me
I need to fix my fucking thoughts
I need help
I try to tell them to fuck off
And be myself
I look to the sky 
And never down low
You act so fake
The broken cries
Beg not to abandon
Toxic the abuser for allowance
Enabling this virtue
Cessation away from the whole
Denote thy station
argument you're gone like that, yeah
Two years in and you're still like this
You're living with your mom you're a damn mess
You act like you're grown
result: conditioning
I recall that the christenings of
Africans and Indigenous people
Was really sickening
Acts, by wicked Christians
And I envision that
In the Gospel
This Good News about Christ
God's righteousness is revealed
Moving us to receiving life through faith
Enabling us to live faithfully
out of patience
She know I'm real I could never get complacent
Love telling him to stop but they the ones that be enabling
These doctors love to label
ain't gonna cry and ask for help
Coz that is a sign of what a victim is
Instead I give you this
Enabling my own creativity
But how am I a creator
When I

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