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Living in an empty world
Living in an empty world

The diamond cuts her eye
The crowd beyond went wild
They weren't all that proud
By now they hear it loud
empty, empty 
So empty without you 

It's empty without you
Come on, simmer down 
And treat me sweet and cool 
At least by now you have learned 
to say
(Sun in an empty room)
Then said already anyways
(Sun in an empty room)

By parallelograms of light
(Sun in an empty room)
On walls that we
They're too much for a man
Empty arms, empty hands
And she'll know me by the sound of my hoping

Singing don't let me into this year with an empty heart
Empty, empty bottles
Lying side by side
Used up empty bottles
Remembering long lost wine

Keep our empty bottles
Making empty wine
Marking our
He doesn't yet know true grief
He's never melted into
the black of night either
He isn't trying to grasp it
by the hand
It doesn't mean that
he is
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed but alive in Your hands

We'll sing Majesty
Forever I am changed by Your

She just drove by with another guy
(She just drove by with another guy)
No wonder I can't help but cry
(No wonder I, by and by)

An empty cup,
eyes there's a light shining ever so bright

As she whispers a silent prayer
Every word reveals an empty broken heart
Broken by fate that's keepin'
an empty room
Something I would never do

I'm alone again

When I'm by myself
I can be myself
When my life is calm
But I don't know when

By the window
Since time began
Watch the wind blow
Sculpting sand
All in letters bound in string
Life is slowly unraveling

Burning castle
Here in this empty room
The memory still remains
You may never learn
You make the same mistakes again

One by one
You count them one by one
without you we're empty
Fill us up with your mercy
Dem belly full but they're starving
Have a lot an still wanting
Jah without you we're empty
Fill us
we never learn
Go through life parched and empty
Standing knee deep in a river dying of thirst
The sidewalk is crowded
The city rolls by
And I rush
behind these eyes inflamed
inflamed by darkeness
And empty smiles

She's the tempter of the night
the wildstare in my eye
she's the lie i live by
I can almost hear those hymns
The keys are just collecting dust
But I can't close the lid

You left my heart as empty
As a Monday morning
purple haze
Then one day they woke up from their dream state
They found themselves no more at peace than before
Older, meek, and conformed

Empty causes
What kind of fool am I, who never fell in love? 
It seems that I'm the only one that I have been thinkin' of! 
What kind of man is this, an empty
Watching once more
As the world passes me by
Surrounded but still all alone
Am I living a lie?

Empty faces, empty eyes
Are staring right
He tore down the work of 17 years brick by brick
And stone by stone
No hammer was swingin' cause cheatin' and drinkin'
Don't need no help wreckin'
everything's and get the song by mind
I'm crazy now
You're gone on some days in downtown, it gets so right
Still get my heartache, yeah
That's on, can't
I wish I knew.

They roll by just like water & I guess we never learn, go through life parched and empty standing knee deep in a river, dying
broken date, an empty cup)
A date at seven - I dreamed of heaven
Now it's way past eight

She just drove by - with another guy
No wonder I can't help
Empty words backed by empty symbols 
Cover up empty promises obscure the whole truth 
So I've tried to listen empty slogans 
They just fall on my
pockets but a heart beating fast 
As true as the stars above 
Please say that you'll get by with just a guy 
With empty pockets filled with love!

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