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(it's me)
If you ask me how I'm living
I'll tell you I'm great
Money stacks taller than the Empire State (damn)
Hottest thing since the LL and Kool
attacked like seven maniacs with wooden bats
Daily evidence I erase, can't be traced by jakes
Nucleic niggas from the mind penetrate the star gate
MC's found
new jack, I'll have to cancel that b_tch
Look at me, this is the life I chose
Niggaz around me so cold, man my heart dun froze up
Yo the empire

Desire, the fire that inspires
I don't state facts, I state buildings, like empires
The journey, the learnin',
tracks I'm bench-pressing
The mic chord is an extension of my intestine
Delicate MC's sliced in my delicatessan
My mind state is that of the S-P
screw-finched hologrammed 

You can stick it to death 

Talk means you scot 

Einstein dangerous mind 

2 heads and 4 eyes 

This man X, 

I'm known
cape, spittin' off the head great
You feel from the Empire State and ended up a dead ape
It's a matter of principle like Joe Clark put the microphone
And I'm the psychopath ready for war
And I'm a let the nigger go if his keys in the car
Everyday mind state I call it psych mentality
Set it straight,