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of the pusher, I know it exists
It's confirmed in the eyes of the kids, emphasized with their fists

But the high has to rise from the low
Like volcanoes
came to Jordan's banks to be baptized
John the Baptist tried to turn Him down
Lord, I feel inadequate, and then he emphasized
It should be the other
with a beautiful shiny hairdo
In a semi-profile which emphasized the pootched out succulence
Of his insolent pouting rictus,
The sight of which drove
emphasized my youth 
And the sawdust in my plimsolls means the same to him as me 
But that's neither here nor further, so I spoke considerately 
Now if you
The girls gone wild
The statute's clear
And they emphasized
Wanted for life
I'm wanted for life

So swing that stick
Throw that rock
Inch by inch
It now be emphasized, true love is just not civilized
True love is not nice, no no

Well you've been hurt before but now you're hurting so
side of his head to the other
To hide his baldness
In reality emphasized it
It was 2:30 in the morning Nov. 22nd 1963
And Lonnie couldn't sleep
prefer writing penned way back in 1843
When Charlie Dickens wrote of emphasized traditions in family
Goodwill towords men, compassion and sentiment
and that's when I
Identified the finish line and right after you
Emphasized you feelin' fine 

I ask if I can have this dance you like uh-huh
Said I like
comfort's got us desensitized
Soon as you make friends, it's war, look at what I emphasized
Get it together, nah man, gotta stop playing around with ya' life
the dawn calls them 
Home again bearing thoughts of you

And I'm helpless to see 
Unbecoming of me Blindly mythicizing
Etiolation emphasized by
is mesmerized, 
Condition's paralyzed
Your chance to live is emphasized
Nor a truth nor a lie

Burn your flag, figure
The disciples of God want
Pleasure and delight
Extended in souvenirs
Searching and hunting lights
Of upcoming voyages
Osmosis and rapture
Emphasized in actions
emphasized the truth in all those words that were laid upon me.
burn all ends and we might have a shot
i see nothing, i feel nothing 
you are the reason i
And he could bring your demise disguised as a word
But guarantee that be the last one you ever heard
You deaf, dumb, and blind
I'm emphasized like I'm

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