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anger thaw

Now you've escaped from your eyes
With every breath emphasised
And I'm saying
"Hey girl, it's easy to talk about love when you haven't loved
softer than the silence
Ill get lost in the stylised violence
You crave it You crave it
Another shot at me

Undertones emphasised
I can't get you off my
them pick up the red flare of the streetlights."

This last point emphasised by a moment of silence, which he filled with a look around the bar.
You don't know

You got me mesmerised 
You've emphasised
These feelings
I've got for you
You don't know what you do
Those pretty green eyes 
Get me
Blood for blood
Deep inside you feel it rising
Vicious lust
Internal strife is emphasised
Demons you'd been exercising
Fill your lungs
The darkness I've been trapped in
Defeated by some shadows I don't recognise
They tell me they are saving me 
But my doubts just have been emphasised
A knap sack of essentials
Shakin ya mental
I kick that cell wall down 
The membrane gets dead ????
Just imagine the surprise
When its emphasised
A virtual mass murder!
You better run!
DHR - Emphasised...
Our results make them compromise!
60 seconds until the meltdown
Another countdown will make my

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