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But you don’t help with your views, so lets get it straight
I want to emphasise, that you’re not a born leader
And you’ll be left behind, to stay
to pick myself up off the ground
And all you used to do was criticize me
But now I found the good and I emphasise, ya see

You would always get so
to pick myself up off the ground
And all you used to do was criticize me
But now I found the good and I emphasise, ya see

You would always get so
get your headgear around this (wooawoo wooawoo wooawoo-oh)

So all you grieve, 'cause your own hope and exile
Will emphasise your livewire
leaving me soon

Well I won't analyse it
I know I've been a pain
But I must emphasise
My need to explain

I'm asking for the last time
Is there anything
emphasises cadarac poetry meaning you blind bats can't see me
Throughout my career I rip year to year successfully
Dragging debree in my vicinity
My symbol is
unlimited source
Animals eat plastic then get washed up on our shores 
So wake up you dumb fucks can't emphasise this anymore
Listen up, come close now, I'm
as a punctuated sentence 
I would type the letters to your name out in bold to emphasise your presence 
Add a simile or two because talking about your beauty
Emphasise lies subside
Trying everything to get by
Time alone crying life nemesis
Set a better tone check
For next developments
Sore as it gets suffer more
It's a land of magical charm
Harmony and love for everyone
Protected from the dark
Where spirits rise
And I'll take you there

I start to compromise
I know the price to pay

Just step out of the light
I'll make you understand

I laugh to emphasise
I know the cost today

a prayer
Pick the pen and let every little droplet
Emphasise the pain that I feel 
The rage is too real
If I could cry tears to bring you back
Shawty mad at me she tell me say I break her heart
Though from the start I tell her I no fit handle glass
Don try for the case I no want emphasise
Baby let me emphasise
I've never been the lazy kind
Im getting mine
Till all my people satisfied
I been winning everyday, yes I'm busy with it
je travaille sur la représentation
Je suis devenu une oeuvre d'art
Seul ma voix restera inchangé
Emphasise your cheekbones
Embrace the fuller unknown
the burn, cool, with each turn
I am complete

And the resonating scream
Emphasises just one theme, strong, tall and lean
I am the source of your life force
another step

When this world dictates the rules
And you feel so sick and tired
I would like to emphasise you, girl
You are growing up like a tower

of stone

I call you up on Sunday
And you try to run me into the ground
You emphasise my cruelty 
Why d'ya have to duel me
I just can't decide
family home.
It's a dream, a good buy.

I saw my father, strong and kind, protecting me from dangers,
Always quick to emphasise, 'You never talk
to understand my side of it
You bite and the slightest mention
The tension is ten times the fight between the Reds and the Whites
Let me describe and emphasise
Trust me and teach me how to smile again
Listen to the beat from my veins
This empty land emphasise what I left
Learning to forget how to be sad
know I'm kidding; that's all heaven
"I'm In It"			
Corolla scratched no limits
Organ donor, no finished	
You emphasise, sound like your idols
No shit,
like a parasite, grabbing onto astral heights
Passive nights, living in a unforgiving paradise
I emphasise with closed minds
Deep into the rose bright

Visualise, visualise they say then you'll find it,
Emphasise compromise, don't lose your sense of self,
It's in your mind woman rise, the ceiling

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