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Emotionless we said goodbye. 
Emotionless, we did not cry. 
Emotionless it was farewell. 
Emotionless, no heaven nor

Emotionless we said goodbye. 
Emotionless, we did not cry. 
Emotionless it was farewell. 
Emotionless, no heaven nor
about you not telling anyone

You'll just lie motionless, emotionless
You're beautiful asleep
You're beautiful asleep
you hurt me again    
You'll never see me care for you 
I won't waste another tear
You are heartless and emotionless 

So much to get off my chest, I'm
You won't amount
To more than this

So keep, keep cutting me down
Cheap, cheap tongue in your mouth
Keep, keep cutting me down

Never made the time to cry about it
I'm brooding in a wave of sound
Had to give it up
Have to keep my head above the water
Emotionless in
metal and emotionless
no battlefield can hinder us
we are machines

Remember the way we used to feel
Before we were made from steel
We will
And this winter will set aside our feelings
Cool it down, we'll set the standards
For the emotionless we'll raise the stakes
Cool it down, we're cooling
how low you are
There's always someone to look down upon
And it goes "FUCKIN'"
On and on

Emotionless, obscene
But a human life don't mean
Emotionless I slip into the black 
And there's no turning back now 
Everyone around me's smoking crack 
This tunnel is blinding 
Don't count me out
I feel you
Fading me out
As the calmness around us is whispering

I'm fumbling in the dark
You're emotionless when you look
up so much space

Watch me as I go
As I flicker through the moves
Emotionless and frozen
I was going through the motions

Watch me as I go
As I
Emotionless, cold
No human connection

Cold-blooded and willful
I slaughtered them all
They thought I'd protect them
But I made them die
the calculating lies
Underneath emotionless goodbyes, oh, she cries...
She cries… She cries…

My, oh, my, don't you cry
Mama will see to your body and mind
can't stop
emotionless and bored

Oh, you said

You played my brother like fire
You walked him through the rain
There was nothing but cold ?
Love gets inside of you
It makes me invisible
And I will continue to hang

On super love, a sonic bloom
A total emotionless excuse
I can't believe it
Real shit 
I felt so much death 
Now that I'm numb 
Me and my feelings 
Had a hell of a run


He lost control of his
dogs gotta get a new trick

So sad sad story
You and your fucked up ways just another sad story
Cold emotionless feelings are all you have shown
You color me confrontational.  I'll hold this reactionless, maintain expressionless, remain emotionless, I will be expectationless.  I pitched that
You're all undone, emotionless,
It's not the way for me

Now I know, there's a better way
Let my heart ride out for a brighter day
Now it's time
You know

You're emotionless
And filled with chemicals
To kick you up and down
And bring you to the ground

(a likely story
The pain is temporary)
Hirudinoids, emotionless and feeding 
Threatened by anemia 
I am helpless and bleeding 
Suspended in air 
Caught in another toothless dream
your abandonment
Emotionless life, resist temptation to reach out
Won't be your savior to smash your doubts
I am your abandonment, refuse the urge
cannot repair 
Letting it be what it is
It's impossible to know what you need 
When you seem so emotionless 
What'll bring you back to life? 

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