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upon yourself
If you are then you're living in bondage
And you know that's bad for your spiritual health

And are you trying to live by your emotions
Is there someone I can believe in?
Is there somewhere I can hide?
Take me out of the straits, I'm in
Come and stay here by my side

Somebody I can
them upon yourself?
If you are, then you're living in bondage,
And you know that's bad for your spiritual health.

And are you trying to live by your
into my way 
Dig up yourself from your grave 

Back to the reason to kill, not exactly motherfucking raw metal 
Do you look into the grime 
can???t believe just how much I've been missing by being away from myself
You've shown how to live out each day
And really embrace every hour of each day
a sultry eye
Now in turn despair becomes divine
The changes in yourself,
You've yet to embrace
In the last passing breath,
I took my first taste
Burden yourself, praise of the living
Embarrass yourself for what you will give in
Suicidal process

Envy of people, to others they lie
That you're left out in the cold all by yourself.
We don't care.

Devastate you with contempt lost forever your descent
Sacraments of love unknown; suffer by yourself alone
Always to be ostracized forever till
by my spoiled soul
I won’t allow it to affect my stride
The procession will proceed as we’re gifted with our own idea of peace

So find yourself in
hands, and
Instead they give a hand held
And make you shoulder life's burden by your damn self
One thing that can't be debated
Power never changed
Cause at times, I have to jump back and kiss myself
Long live the K, the A, the N, the E
I say the end will be
A big movement, by the time I'm
I take it if they don't give it to me
Swear all of it was written for me (yep, yep)
By a higher card just spiritually (up, up)
Up in the wages,
exposed in the open
Drama is having your heart broken
And the person who broke it doesn't even motherfucking notice
Drama is trying to carry a burden all by
fully satisfied
Even before you get you're on to the next
Consuming everything in sight
Living in a fantasy world
Trying to digest the fact having
Each morning you wake is an
'ember day' dawning,
Your penance for living in
Permanent mourning.
By erst while ideals your
Hearts are enslaved,
 Now, you're working yourself out the same as 
 when you strain with a nautilus
 And you're willing to embrace pain facing 
 sustained negative

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