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the best
Got the glow like all the rest
Emanating from my chest

I had a dream that I was floating
Adrift at sea and barely rowing
An ocean of fluorescent
cracking beneath the snow
Can you feel the heat emanating while I sleep
I will spend my nights bathed in the bluest light
The bells, they lured me into this
out dream
A bag of broken hearted hopes run free

Broken hopes and worn out dreams are all I know
Sorrow emanating from my soul
Dreams of love that
a rising flood
Biting on stones til you're drawing blood
And all the fear I feel
Emanating from your four wheels
It dissipates as soon as I
I remember that
Ripples from a pebble thrown
Drift beyond the great unknown
Dropped into the cosmic pond
Emanating waves beyond
The breadth and scope of what we see
the secrets in the dark 
Lie the well that's emanating souls
Hold on to pieces of the past
Of the collapse 
You will make your way back
Beyond the secrets in
my life is filled with light
Emanating, illuminating
The darkness have been waiting
Conscious vibrations
To tear down those walls
Fall Jehrico fall
bring back will break your matrix

"Ha- cha" create this Chi, until there's wavelengths emanating from me
Now whether this is magnetism or electricity
SFK Walkin 계속 걸어 
Gold Bar never 썩어 
We'll still shine when they're all gone 
Emanating from the inside 
Illuminating as sunlight 
삼각형을 위로 뒤집어 내 생각엔 때가
A deep, penetrating sound
Emanating from our sore throats
Seeking something more profound

And once again here we stand
Feet cemented to the ground
unwrapping my surprise and I think
It might just burn this groove thing down
Oooh I feel the music emanating from me
And it goes a little something like this,
to an irrational shock
Fever, sweat, delirium
A violent outbreak ignites inside me emanating a viscous fluid
Nervous system stops, the field of vision turns black
paid my guides of this journey
With expensive watches and suits
Golden jewelry, imported cars
Money already bought them
To a land emanating milk
photographic paper, emanating glow

Blame it on false leather and false nectar and false weeds
Blame it on what you or I would never say we believe, but --
how I adored you
Now I don't know
Who you are (Who you are)

Emanating dreams before you
There was nothing I could not do
You made me feel completed
A hybrid form ]of assembly
In hidden circles of transgression
A vision looms far ahead
Emanating beyond our spectrum

A burning infusion
that's all right
The M.D. tells me
My heart's on strike
Emanating originating from a love asphyxiation
He said I better slow down before you drive me
that's all right
The M.D. tells me
My heart's on strike
Emanating originating from a love asphyxiation
He said I better slow down before you drive me
That disturbs my nightly napping
Like a shroud that's gently flapping
Emanating from the second floor

Buddies are we, me and the ghost
of the city by surprise
Yeah, nobody saw it coming
Emanating terror from its eyes
Nobody saw it

Reaching up and grabbing from behind
Enslaving all
the relics were found) and
Interred here in Santiago...I picked up a CD collection of music emanating from
The pilgrimage route to Santiago, as well as a CD by
In all the pictures that I've seen
Of how angels are supposed to be
There's an aura, a kind of emanating light
Suggesting perfection that may very
And it's all working
Look at the courage
That's emanating
Saving the hearts
That were breaking
Oh yeah, it's coming
To those who are waiting
Breathing an air
Permeated, soaked in darkness
Emanating from within
Resonating like a scream no one can hear

I wear this chaos well

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