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When I found you
Something emanated from your eyes
My dream came true

I love someone who looks like you
The way you do but isn't you
It's still the same
When I found you
Something emanated from your eyes
My dream came true

I love someone who looks like you
The way you do but isn't you
It's still the same
Hoping that someday you'll find your way back to life
Help me see the light that you emanated
Resonate with me again
Pull me from the darkness
The fibrillating shock I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies
Hyper ventilating my body chemistry faded
We waited for Tajai but did he get them emanated?

I hate
How painful it must have been
To share that reserve

And every idea that emanated from your light
Has grown flowers in my mind
Flowers of unmatched
out of the city
In the country
Foreign yet familiar

Blues emanated from the speakers
Upbeat but down
I changed channels
I wasn't ready to sing along
raw bars why the feel seems chronic
36 2.25 the pounds is exotic
Emanated gutter slangs it’s broken that’s Ebonics
Yeah you signed to a label,
Woke up to an epiphany of who I've become 
The embodiment of my experiences coupled with 
Temperance emanated into this song
I know right where I
goodbyes last

If only I could tell you how today was
It was so beautiful too
Like you
Your soul emanated grace just like perfection
Oh what I'd do to feel
what I want
Face the truth, its black and white
I don't want to fight

Emanated your discard
For empathy in what you see
I can feel the lowering
I winced, I stared blank face into the clouds—an orange glow from the city lights
Bursts of pure joy emanated and faded to moments of pain,
the matrix
Birth a movement, this world effaced
It’s melancholy
Never take the molly
Emanated by the innovative body
Head of hitting marijuana
Quick vibes
up the noise by long galleries

I went in search of black candle, where emanated an immaculated light

Oh, dark and pale twilight,
perpetuate this
my little words
Have emanated from the ground unscathed

You give me strength when there is no hope
You give me reason to care
You are light
or balanced way as I 

But as the filthiest trash 
I've always run away from
You served me for that... betrayal is what you emanated

But I know this
Greatness where I emanated 
 grateful that I made it

Cause a lot of my
Homies didn’t 
Imma hold it down for all my brothas I aint
and in immense depths
A profound salvation becomes abundant

Being emanated from insentience
Its dependency holds true with time
Kaleidoscopic building
perception of a creator, a supreme being,
the controlling force from which all things emanated and upon which they depended for their
continuing existence.

You took me up and away

Emanated from the sea
Every time I see you I’m in Paradise

The magic of your love was brought by the tides to make you
matter and horrid feelings came after
It emanated from the kid but the feeling has scattered
And I could see it in his face and felt the chill in his bones
his flute from his waistband and began to blow into it.
Heavenly music emanated.
The people suddenly lost all fear and deep peace is settled into their
emanated from her frame 
Shrouds me in harmony
A lullaby deceits bled dry

The things she said belong to me
The things she said belong to me

Truth hurts but
Foul and tainted, putrid in spite
Departed, serene, deceived in faith
Emanated and ruptured in creed
Condemned forever, captured in doom
Devoured in

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