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starting problems, not affiliated
Overlooked by the public underestimated
Watch your back, if not you gon get eliminated 

Watch your back or get eliminated
That’s Education)
Starting shit & arguing (All These Accusations)
I Kicked her out Bitch you done (She Eliminated)
She said can she have my heart ( Stop
to disconnect the Red Eye
For this action against the protection of the government
All members of the government will be eliminated
I'm in charge now
Everyone who

When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, 'cause I slay
When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, 'cause I slay
If he hit
Slay trick, or you get eliminated

When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster ('Cause I slay)
(When he fuck me good, I take his ass
buried under
What has been will be no longer
No matter what man may endeavor
Eden's gate closes forever

Day by day life is eliminated
God's own work
I don't wanna a single pump Epic, I want a double
Get eliminated no respawn, this ain't team rumble
If you land at lazy, we gon scope you like
gotta be consistent, we can't just pick and choose
That means you and I would be eliminated right? Because we think evil stuff
If that's true, we should
You will be eliminated with precision
Torn from the bosom of your Mother Earth

Stand up and receive your punishment
You reap what you sow

The time has
The caring voices now they're going away
Eliminated when their goal was to stay
They're going away
And you
Look at me
I tell the same old story to the wall
the data
And it's culminated
As we are eliminated

Like the pigs in the pen stress out the swine 
Give us P.S.E.
Meat that is gummy and prone to spoilage
Heart of the delta, that's my home, I been here since a baby
They treat us different cause our skin, my city filled wit racists
Cant wait til I get
(Persisting war on consciousness)
Nothing sacred gets out alive
(Persisting war on consciousness)
Eliminated conception
(Persisting war
Brothers and sisters
Let's go sing
No to violence
It must be
Love and peace
Must prevail
Lets say no
No to killings oh
No no to child
of others
You will be eliminated from my life
Will be scratched from my map

All the hate inside me
It's just going to make me worse
All the hate inside me
No more fight as i'm eliminated
Darkness awaits 

First of all 
They control our thought
I can just actually resume blinding
really are,

Mister big.
Now your vict'ry is complete
And your battles are all won.
Your enemies and foes are all stacked up in rows,
Eliminated one
just keep on movin' so you won't catch a contact
All my dirty niggas showin' me where the love at
Drop the top, candy painted, haters eliminated
your family will probably tell the authorities i'm a suspect,
so i eliminated them before i eliminated you,
dragging you to the basement, i place you
matter what man may endeavor
Eden's gate closes forever

Day by day life is eliminated
God's own work altered and uncreated
Through it all there stands
on the mountain
Strobe lights jumpin' off, birdies is bouncin'
'(Four)-to-the-Three-Two-One', he stopped countin'
Eliminated competition quickly
people have dreams
But why society eliminated Martin Luther King?
And they tell us to be proud to be black
And at the same time Uncle John shoot us in
perfectly blended
Strong mind, positive, attitude is a must
Group trust
Eliminated the outside rush
Using lies as alibis to get to us it's strange
and appreciated, hated and very debated
For every career created was eliminated
And that's the way the balance of yin and yang related

As the block is divine,

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