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I've gotta love thing
We -e need to elate
I said we need to elate (skat)
Love thing!
Said we need to elate
Ho oh oh oh oh for real, elate

strain; boy, you can't remain still or quiet, for it's a riot

The real American folksong
Is like a fountain of youth
You taste, and it elates you
strain, boy you can't remain, still or quiet, for it's a riot

The real American folksong
Is like a fountain of youth
You taste, and it elates you,
Come elate me
Come elate me
We fall down

All of my skin's been shed before
I've been bled out in the ground
What the hell I been waiting for?
firm to my sandpaper hands, no imperfection

She elates and illuminates
Every stranger's face
She sets free momentarily
Everyone she sees

So this is
Radiate heat off of you
When we get to play

It's time to elate
It's not too late
This is our elation
Now feel this sensation 

There's always time when we
breathe on my skin like your touching me

You move me, you elate me 
Keep thinking could this be real  
You're alluring, so enticing  
Effect the way I feel
from it

Commiserate me and
Try to elate me and
It liberates me a
Structural defect
Commiserate you and
Try to elate you and
It liberates you
cells pix elate us
Constant help needed to unhook
Call it 'Victim Convenience'

I took two steps out of the room
And I stepped back toward the door
to elate me
And don't wake me 
Cause I'm sleepin' 
And I'm dreamin' 
And me and my Lord
Got an agreement dog
And so I thank him everyday for my
body's tired 
And this fear never lets me sleep. 
Your smile this trial elates, 
In your eyes I see mothers open gates. 

If fortune could smile
we're casing 
Fucking wholes. The daybreak, be right back.
Go make cake. Get me straight, my enemies running late.
I constantly get elate. Yes,
Ain't no need for correction
Yo, huh? Oh, on with the session
Heavies got some weight, you can't debate
Elate the fate, 'cause style is great
For life
for sleep now get your guns no surrender no retreat
Now you violated dog blood got elate your whole life is down hill in type
Deep down its deep now
concepts born from guilt and fear
It's never too late
To elate our selves and re-embrace...

Bring us back to the days when we were young
'Cause I never
when life tries to get to me
My fragile heart, it starts to bleed
With all the possibilities
Of perfect desires
And pure light transpires
To elate my
to signpost a galaxy we've borne with the oldest energy
Immeasurably, indefinably ours - that which heals, elates
Inspires and mercifully holds 
Return to where
Merlin, the sea, lunar delight
Merlin, my dear uranium bride
Merlin, my birth, my solar grenade
Merlin, so real, is what I elate
Come and get me
I know it'll amaze ya, elate ya
To satisfy is my guarantee
Don't believe the lies that they write
Or anything you see
Get up and ride like I was
Elate the tears I create, 
How completely inane, 

Cause all my pride is gone
Collapse at my sorry stance 
But I need to surpass cause
My only
When you walk the path
Your agony will elate you

Destroying dignity
Destroying humanity
And though she might elate you
She tries to kill the great that's in you now
She's hand picked the fate that awaits you, 
And despite her words
There goes our love again
Forgive my heart, forgive my heart.
There goes our love again
Elate my heart and take the time
That's burning at the back
and lady friends, poke 'em both like they're darin' you
Tongue undulations elate the maritals

[Felix] (7X)
Move tiger, pick up your paws and let's dance

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