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hella red (Getting hella red)
I forget sometimes my life depress
I see clouds my problems seem effaced
Want some cloudy room
I want cloudy room
When you act like I have been effaced
My Melancholy hits right its place
When you showed me I have been replaced
I slammed a piano on my face
I see you, down in the front line.
Such a sight for sore eyes, you're a suicide makeover.
Plastic eyes, lookin' through a numb skull.
I see you down in the front line
Such a sight for sore eyes
You're a suicide makeover
Plastic eyes

Looking through a numb skull
Sell effaced
It's over and done

Heed the chronicles
Of lucrative genocide
The annals of effaced tribes
Pages written in blood

Ave Caesar, Augustus
It's done,
Through the gathering gloom
But from flumes of the moon in bloom
Baring cach a face effaced
And raped in the womb

In hidden Midian
A vatican
but i have gotten too addicted
We share a bond we can relate, we been burnt and replaced
Take her out everyday and every hurt get effaced
Smell good she
Empty words burn out just disengage
Empty mouths backstabbing self-effaced
Held you down you watch your precious plaster saint
Overthought, gave up,
You know, I gonna chase till the end bottom
You know, I wanna place in your grace garden
You know, I wanna rase for you
Not be effaced and erased in
the news
By the flight of a hair
We lose when we just could have shmoozed
Now we're disgraced
We've been removed
We've been effaced
The dish improved
Are effaced
At Event Horizon

At this place
There's no trace of
What's on the other side 

But it yearns
To be set free
To traverse the universe
fully committed to die
Father! Can we feel your veiled embrace?
Father! Is our respite now effaced?
I am made of shards
The skin cannot obscure
A polyhedral eye of hearts
None of which can still endure 

An empty deck of cards 
Effaced; the fate
To my eldritch grove

In everyone of us
The grove is a place
That can never be effaced
Reign in the sufferance 
Bear its embrace
To become no more a slave
spilled, I no longer reside in pain
Carried the cross, he has broke my chains
Effaced my flaws, forever he will reign
Forever he will reign

Now I believe he
Costly decisions lead to
Costly consequences
Worlds torn down, ripped apart
Effaced from existence
Blot it out, erase the pain
White-out takes it all
my bed
Want these memories erased
Everything effaced
I want it washed away
Routine still the same
I've been writing all night
I've been sleeping all
air sears my skin
Echoing fevered exertion into rarefied silence
Cast in malevolent shades
The colourless twilight effaced of detail
Harbours covetous
dwell in

The dream dissolves
There's bodies hanging in place
Fear absolved 				
Existence effaced

Decrepit fate
Existence erased
the matrix
Birth a movement, this world effaced
It’s melancholy
Never take the molly
Emanated by the innovative body
Head of hitting marijuana
Quick vibes
society blew my mind
I was cool till I realized

For you i disgraced myself
For them I effaced myself
For me I erased myself 

Well, there was a lot
With contrary mind 
Scaremongers everywhere 
Short-sighted and blind 

Novelty was out of time 
Boundary's effaced 
It's better to make an end
done right

I wish you'd hide the way you feel

Gun blasts get fired away
Straight lines defined in the waves
Stranded and effaced in the black
of weeds
Headstones effaced by the centuries
Sad epitaphs, how they whisper through the ivy
The night is falling  restless is the sand within the glass

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