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Oh! Now the dogs keep a-growlin'
Round my front door
And the Truth howled out from the editing floor

Years went by
Quarrymen came along
This boy
On the silverscreen
I hope they did good editing

Belle and Beau, buck and doe
A love of tender age
Jill and Joe, do-si-do
A tragedy on stage

Gates of heaven open,
你哼旋律 我来编曲
甜蜜动机 令人着迷
超有默契 我们零距离
别妒忌 我们俩就是唯一
你搭拉拉 我弹吉他
像老夫老妻 形影不离
後制甜蜜 来缤纷回忆
不分离 心有灵犀的默契
我不懂音乐 那也没关系
你编曲 和弦节奏交给你
我录音 你帮我 Editing
超有默契 简单到不行
我们勾勾手 要一起白头
Capadonna, Planet Asia, SUNZ of man the cover street veterans raw with no editing
heat stay on regimen fire that Raw medicine

You know about the pain
the chrome
Pro tools editing tracks that's rough
Cause a jam without a live MC isn't enough
So we attack this, and grab all within reach
Throw a scrap back
want a better thing
Tryna feel ya like it's picture perfect but it's just the editing
Man, the game been waiting for a better king
I've been posted with
This ain't no editing. We gon' do it like this. Are y'all ready? (Yeah) 
No, no, no, no
Are y'all ready? (Yeah!)

I'm rippin' and livin'
Forgive those who don't think I'm great and wanna see me go
Forgive Oprah for editing most my comments off her show
Don't get me wrong, I know some people
want a better thing
Tryna feel ya like it's picture perfect but it's just the editing
Man, the game been waiting for a better king
I've been posted with
did this already happen?

Derived influence 
In style of dress
Similar trends in camera technique and editing
Sync up the cuts (sync up the cuts)
You're on your own
You're on your own

Read carefully, can't possibly
A threat to future earnings
Suspiciously, through editing
The facts are
have you scramblin' (bang)
Do you look like that in person?
Photoshop really working
Is it editing or did you get it from a surgeon
Doctor Miami, all
editing suite takes two weeks stitching
Up some bad movie
cigarette and stirs
Every motion is complete, no editing of anything
Encouraging, encouraging, and not the
Customary bill of fare

Can't you see the lady
the love from coast to coast 
Hereâ??s the dose of editing:
My only enemy's inside of me 
Trying a lot of me but my degree's in the anatomy 
Of thoughts

(it need some editing, whoever did Zero for me, fix this one to!)
Let me tell you tales untold.

For 30 years I've worked here at this tv station,
In an editing room no one has ever seen,
Inserting laughter
to avoid the drama
'Cause I kept it real with it
Disregard the negative
Cause all that shit is relative
Sedative with Dilated
Alchemist is editing
Hats yeah, wear a lot of hats yeah
Making beats and mixing all the vocals that I rap yeah
Editing the photos and the videos a task yeah
Why keep
measuring the editing
myself being everything
my own day one, lay low, cause I'm in my element

2nd verse:
I just handle my business
I can't manage a minute
主唱錄音室 Recording Studio:AVON(香港HongKong)
鋼琴Piano:黃丹儀Dennie Wong(香港HongKong)
數位剪切工程師ProTools Editing Engineers:張梓軒Zixuan ZhangTsamchan香港HongKong)
always try to get involved as early as possible. If I get music in there before the editing process begins, the entire music production becomes so much
作词 : 穷辛Korsion
作曲 : 穷辛Korsion
Digital Editing:伍绍维/Nacid
vocal:徐杰 刘佩
音频编辑vocal editing:李佳
录音vocal recording:刘岩@音此studio
制作统筹:伍轩 章音十
艺人统筹:李佳 苏晗沛

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