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You don't have no doctor Robert
You don't have no uncle Albert
You don't even have good credit
You can write, but you can't edit

You don't have no
Tipsy fuddled boozy groggy elevated
Prime did edit her
Hellborn elfchild roadhog mountain fortune hunter
Man beheaded her
Fat bulk expanse mass
scissors out, ouch
Guillotine straight to your head
'Cause I never wanna remember
I just wanna picture you dead
And edit you out, now
Edit you out of my
Humiliation outpost of snarling ugliness and dying people. 
Rewrite these images. 
Edit, cut and paste.
Favoring some fleshy sex and racially
I'm happy as the candle on my table
That lights my words
Deserving at least half the credit
For give me the chance to edit
Trickle down articulate my
at home a bound,
That dirty noke Robin Maggie Mae.

Disapart of a little pew,
The edit turn me too,
Took part ten a week there was my pay.
the right ones (right ones)
You can't edit me (no, no)

Please everyone
Just come along
And get involved
It's dynamite
When you bridge
Just how you think
And don't keep it inside and don't edit and redact
And no dumbing it down
And don't fake it, just

(Break it to me)
(Break it to me)
really wasn't bad
And the end turned out okay

If I had to edit anything
I might reign those chapters in
I spent miserable and afraid
But you know I love
a writer 
Emotional exciter 
You're not a writer 
Emotional exciter 
You're nobody 
I do this for a hobby 
The editor of Face 
Well edit this place
I got outta La Grange

In Hinnom

All this time
With your heart in mind
Didn't you edit

In Hinnom

Go, the least
And the precious feast
on the talented guy
Then you make a short edit
And take all of the credit for the song
Lazyman, you really bring me down
Lazyman how can you lie around
It's only been three weeks
And a bag of speed from Jamie the PhD
She comes by the front desk
To leave my transcript with her edits

'Cause I
After the splice
When the temperature's nice
After the patch
When everything's a match
After the patch
After the edit
When it's had time to set
a little luck we might get
An idea of what it is like
To get famous as Hawaii bums
Kind of sounds like I've played this before
Not this film edit, sure
their wedded way...

Different ways to learn
What you ought not not do-
Different paths to the same places...Edit as you go...
Life on the first take
a predator, predator
Gonna make you right, gonna edit ya, edit ya

So now you sit and you watch TV
It's mostly channel 3 cause we don't pay our licence fee
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Oh my love (radio edit)

I thought I knew you
But I guess I was wrong
You only see the things you've convinced yourself you saw
But like you
cocktails are soon 
Young glands young flesh penetrate the room 
They fall on the camera lens against the tumble drier screen 
On the edit room floor lies
Okay, let's begin

Compound, a substance composed
Of two or more elements
Chemically combined
In definite proportions by weight

Mixtures, two
Life is a movie we are all actors
Don't let them edit you out.
Life is a movie we are all actors
Don't let them edit you out.
roads will cross through many lives
But somehow you survive
Look around
Picture what's in store
Is this the final edit 
Or is the subject now a bore?
I'm a, I'm a, I'm a
I'm a come for you, I'm a predator, huh, predator
Gonna make you right, gonna edit ya, huh, edit ya

So now you sit and you watch

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