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it crunk and do the eastside stomp
Young Chingy let em know, that the deal is a fool
And I'm a carpenter's dream, I'm in love wit the tools
Lay low
Steal Wayne girls, I steal Drake girls
You know the real bitches love me, fuck the fake girls
So if you pretty I sign titties
I got the key
stomped in this motherfucker
Dumped in this motherfucker
Stuck in this motherfucker
Pussy act up and get fucked in this motherfucker

Eastside, nigga
stomped in this motherf***er
Dumped in this motherf***er
Stuck in this motherf***er
P**** act up and get f***ed in this motherf***er

Eastside, n****
[Too $hort]
One time it's by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Who we talkin to man, who we talkin to
Any nigga that act like a wha (bitch)
Any any
loco, and year nine fezzo
And yo, how would you feel if your cap got peeled
By an looney b.g and hard is steel, so chill
For an second while I wrecked
And what you want to trust ya punk
You got stomp by H-D dog in his dead ass trunk (dead ass nigga)
And that's how it goed and that's how it be
nothing to loose but my shell and you can have that
Never ? you mother fucker never die
with the axe and the pistol representin the eastside

Chorus x4

stomp through this block man they throwin up treys (Eastside)
We from the streets, know the struggle, know the hustle
Know the hook, know to cut it, know
threaten me with ya thoughts just never speak it
One gun accompanied by prayers I never need it
Burning flesh, skin peeling, slow inferno
Take away what
you or biggety stomp out by me
The outcome
Is that nigga that got broke off
Loc'd out Crip
That's the opposite of soft
Niggas always strapped so I don't

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