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Multinationals raping mother nature
Natural abuse
Exploiting the earth, an earth that is ours
Destroying rasin forests, polluting the air
Oh, Mother Earth
With your fields of green
Once more laid down
By the hungry hand
How long can you
Give and not receive
And feed this world
Ruled by
Who go by the book of plod

Here on Earth, here on Earth
Here on Earth, here on Earth

Here on Earth
Another mother's giving birth
To another
With the poor, and mean, and lowly, 
Lived on earth our Saviour holy. 

Jesus is our childhood's pattern, 
Day by day like us He grew; 
He was

Watching all the days roll by
Who are you and who am I?
How's life on Earth?
What is it worth?
[ in Arabic, sung by Jbara: ]
Mother Earth, I give you my soul, my love, my respect, my whole life.
You are life, you are our mother, you are respect.
Heavy rain shaking ground, no roots will be found
Hate from my mother, the limits of mankind
We're lying, we're dying, destroying

The earth is
that gets in our way
poor Mother Earth we disfigured her face
Man is the maker of his own disgrace
Burned by the fire we make
what a shame
crucifixion, love destroyed by lies

Decomposing morals - mummified in time
Lord of retribution, judge us for our crimes
Holy father - reaps earth's seed
You say there's freedom
Within our nature
Well I don't think you understand
Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man
The Air, the Sea, the Grass,
Your blade drinks deep 
Earth feels the wound . . . 
Earth Mother I am wronged, 
Earth Mother I am wronged . . . 
What comes
Praise and glory to the highest in a stable on earth
Humble shepherds filled will wonder kneel and pray by lanthern light
Little stranger in a manger
Or the precious gift of life
Might pass you by

Cause we never ever know
Which way the dice will roll
And it's far from paradise
But it's our home

Here on earth
Earth is our mother
Just turning around
With her trees in the forest
And roots underground

Our father above us
Whose sigh is the wind
Driving down the concrete beams
Looking around and it now seems
Mama earth is nowhere
Gone from your eyes

Hidden in the crust
Of man's
her little child

He came down to earth from heaven
Who is God and Lord of all
And His shelter was a stable
And His cradle was a stall
Humanity's suicide
Why give a child its birth
When we are poisoning our earth
The heritage of this generation
Is a planet threatened with destruction
the poor, and mean, and lowly
Lived on earth our Savior holy

Jesus is our childhood's pattern
Day by day like us He grew
He was little, weak,
speaking of, 
My Mother's love, 
Please let me tell you Sir! 

No well on earth, 
Is deep enough to drown, 
The love I hold for her! 

Words and Music by
to take the place of this mother of mine

Mother, that's the sweetest name of them all
You're an angel on earth and to me you are worth
More than
All the weary mothers of the earth will finally rest
We will take their babies in our arms, and do our best
When the sun is low upon the field
they can keep their heads safely buried in the sand 

This is my Father's world and He can fix it 
Our hopeless band-aids are all counterfeit 

Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
Is faith, faith, faith, faith

Science has failed our world
Science has failed our Mother Earth
we played around our old home
I know her reward is a mansion in heaven
While her children on earth all scattered and gone

Mother's at rest in
Flowers faded, dull and cold, now bleached by atmosphere
Creatures twisting under trees, huge monsters soaked with rage
Hidden deep below our earth

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