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wasteland) in your ear canal (in your ear canal!)
Overloaded (I'm overloaded), suffering (yeah!)
Overloaded (overloaded) on sex and drugs

Everything is
we come, rushing through your stereo system,
into your ear canal, like the alignments of the solar system,
have you forgotten about the days,
when we
comin through ya ear canal
I smile politely, so as not to blow my cover
Carryin on conversation, knowin that I'm on some other shit
Should have stopped
entertainments to detergent


If my thought patterns
Brought palans to Walt Adams
And spit violence and death, then kids start gaddin'
Bloody ear canal
managers, walkin' through your ear canal
When Dev plays your drum, yo, I chill a while
Back on a mission, you seem to be all reconditioned
But as I climb your
several but I had to bring that pattern back
We live inside a house that says fuck 'em on the welcome mat
Deep inside the ear canals of Bill O'Reilly's
The one thing I will always hear,
Is the constant ringing that's in my ears,
It reminds me of the stars in your eyes

For a man, a plan, a canal
for work.
I noticed the smell when I got off the bus,
And traced it down to a canal that ran
Right through the heart of the city,
Like an open vein
were rotted
In the canals of my teeth
Amnesia proletariat
Amnesia proletariat
Sharpened on the fucking hides of men
In the full of this moon we will
followed him
Just a silhouette figure up market pass
Where the headlamps shine on the broken glass
We followed him
Over the bridge by the old canal
Of some obscure Scottish poet

The mist crawls from the canal
Like some primordial phantom of romance
To curl, under a cascade of neon pollen
While I
begging for more with a little foreplay
I got you screaming and saying things weh no fit fi ear play
Kick back, relax baby girl this is your day
You deserve
extinguish each of the burning thread veins, flow down to my ears
Now they rest in two tiny reservoirs that overfed the wedded canals

You know it starts
hit the Panama Canal and get a harder connect
Step on your toes, mess with your hoes, shoot up your mans
Come through the block trying to screw up
We makin maximum wages
Let me tell you about bayou classic how we played it
We hit Canal (Canal Street) so deep click  so strong
Every vehicle we
I'm trying to run this expedition in a decent manner!

The 264 is gulf, bungalow, styles, canals, cows, haybells
Telegraph wires, pylon power
Feat and we can fuck with these hoes
They take dick in they ass, they take dick in the throat
They take dick in they ear, they take dick in they nose
the old canal 
Where the shadows dance on the lighted wall 
He stopped to light up a cigarette 
And we dived into a doorway 

No Police, no summous, no
tha atmosphere in my teflon gear
Don't drink coffee but I love pam grier
Let me give it to your ear drumin
You hear somthin'
Try to stop it but it just
you keep those lions off the front of the boat!
Good god, man! Have you some cotton in your ears?!
I'm trying to run this expedition in a decent
Feat and we can fuck with these hoes
They take dick in they ass, they take dick in the throat
They take dick in they ear, they take dick in they nose
call SWAT 

Bite off your ear for a souveneir 

Switch from Red to Roy, give you Primal Fear 

If you don't know the click then you're smokin wet
child killings
Excruciating pain like a root canal without a filling

Forever we, pillars in this stature in this Ascap rapture
Wordplay that will snatch
you're a darn call away
I've hear your stairs creak, I can fix my mind on your yes
And your no, I'll film your face today in the sparkling canals