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My life is totally boring without you around
These days,
Pre>intro d bm d bm d bm

A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Every story told me, is wasted on my ears
A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Ah someone else's therapy, well
Verse 1:
E F#m A E
Come here and look through the window Marie
F#m A E
Open up the shutters,tell me what you see
G#m A E
Was that his knock that I
a cinch to convict

Your boy's gonna make the great escape
While your laid bare on the ground
This vengeance had
Be g#m e f#
Take every, take every, take everything
Take every, take every, take everything

C#m e c#m f#
Don't tell me that you're above it,
Second verse minus the passing chords

Hey hey yeah la la la la
Oh oh la la la la la la la la la la

E / F#m7 / B/ A E F#m7 be A be E
You got
Silent Soldiers on a silver screen
A         F#m       E   A          F#m
Framed in fantasies and dragged in dream
Bm               E7  A
a e repeats then f#m e then f#m a e twice c#m
I said fear not I said fear not

I can't stand to leave you to the lions of the world
Yeah I know that it
D e
I can't bear to see how it all looks in the light, keep it hidden now
D e f#m
If I could only find a switch that turns on the endless night
E d
T.S., T.S.A., S.W.A.K
X's and O's who knows what all of that means?

Must have took lots of hours for you to see
What I

A hold of myself, d just trying to get a a(sus4) hold of myself
A-d just trying to get a a(sus4)
(d) a d a d
You don't have to worry hey girl don't you cry
(d) a d a d
My love beats adversity baby eats it alive
F#m d a e f#m d
And I got a real human
Angel that you are
You still remember summer walks
          F#m          B                      E
And quiet talks we had
comes but everything's a lot less blue
Since I met you

Chorus then e

F#m e
If I had a million years I wouldn't spend it in tears
F#m e
But I
knows I'm lonely, heaven knows I'm lonely now


Don't wake up miss christina 'cause she and I don't see eye to eye
are bought for me
This way is
As is she
And he placed her unclothed
Long (long) longlegged
A t o p t h e f a m I l why t are e e
And if he has
have them I don't want them
C#m                        D
I wear a different kind of garment
F#m              E
In my rehearsals for retirement
I ain't stopping fingers keep bopping
F#m be e
Swing band rocking from the street to the bar
West coast's dated music's overrated
not the greatest mystery that was ever told
E a e a
I may not be who you wanna spend a whole life with alone
E a g#m f#m
I'm not that fascinating with
E d
She has seen something better through the window
E d
She will reach for it even though she doesn't know if she's

A f#m
Ready, the girl
I don't know

But it seems that every single dream's
Painted pretty pictures in the air
D e
And it tumbles in despair
And it starts
Pre>intro bass run of d c# be a a be then
E be a be / e be a be

The fill ( g#m f#m a be e) can just be played over the be
But these would probably
for life
A preacher's son, first one on the run
I'm grateful that I haven't been shot
Stopped by the cops and they didn't find a glock
M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
M-O-M-M-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E
D-A-D-D-Y needs C-O-F-F-E-E

I love my kids oh I love my
chose to stay
And we drifted apart like runoff into the chesapeake bay

D f#m a e
You can't get too excited you can't get too enthused
D f#m a e

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