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[We'd like to ask now that all passengers please hold 
Their breath, as we take you through an underwater hip hop extravaganza.
Now last night,
niggas with the envy
Lot of niggas talk it, but they can't hold a hooker
Ice took her, she was too long a looker
It's strictly straight-lace hustlin
the beat the loop
The system it traps us in they tacklin rappers in
These shackles that pack us in the back of the clack is in
I'm packin the Mac again
by strays
Cause muthafuckas can't act they age
Before you learn how to shoot, better learn how to aim
There's already enough of our people that's dyin
wouldn't be murdering, (your own people like)
Oh ya see, it's a trap, (it's a trap, that's what it's called by the way)
It's a trap

It's a trap night
technique, y'all niggas gon' respect me,
Man, I been doin' dis' shit before I even learned how to crawl though,
Gettin' interviewed by motherfuckers like
workin, but what's the use
When the real strive hard and stress about the rent
And can still die poor and in debt without a cent

[Verse 2]
Born again
And I ain't quittin six four, dyin hittin chicks raw
In the Hyatt on the fifth floor with her hymen splittin
So bet the money you got MY ALBUM'S