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And a ring on my finger
Hell is alive and existing without you
These years that I steal are heaven sent

Have I lost count of the dwindling beats of my heart
I just keep asking myself where the money went
Out the wind
Dough in my pocket be dwindling fast
Blowing the cash in a flash
Feel like a polaroid
of fear

Gonna go out on a limb
Even if it's a dwindling whim
Gonna go out on a limb
Even if it's a dwindling whim

That it's a possibility
Gonna show my
still working if it's just choking away my light
Why do I still fight for my dreams
When all that I've seen is dwindling
Down, down, down

The ones that I
fall apart
The whole earth's gonna drip
Drip right into my skull

Taxation of mental being
And I am the sickening
On a scheme for dwindling
Under the streetlight
You glow, you glow
Jealous with love
You glow, you glow
Incoming jets like dwindling stars
(You don't know what you want)
healthy, pack your things, and leave me
I can see my own soul dwindling in the cold
God, I’m scared please pull me close
I got a lot of demons I don’t know
Just a pawn in this immortal production
Blinding then igniting the hindsight
Rush to aid this dwindling flame
Forming the horde, the hide
The untouched
every single beat of your heart
Starts another fire in mine?
Opposite of dwindling is violent like a hurricane
Do you know, with every single beat
Projector lights lighting up my reality
Through eyes I see
My time is dwindling

Insanity, muppets playing out
Movie scenes
Trying to find my way back
on marching without a sound
Across the universe we go around and around
Cause the future is broken and the past is made
Each day we keep on dwindling away
into the abyss
Watch a stack of dwindling chips
Crack-cracking my knuckles and wrists
Confronting my demons with fists

Fuck that shit
It makes me
Of the dwindling dream
Every time I reached out you would call my name
Someone new to blame
It was looking bad from the start
But we took our chance and let it get
in the dwindling light
It could be you
And me
That's what I'm tryna get you to see
The sun is shining and the sand is hot
Let's roll up another J
tempting me, pulling me under

Everything is getting further
The current's gonna sweep me away
I don't think I've been closer
As the light starts dwindling
of dieing
Cause of the old me

A fading hope
A will to cope
Creeps upon me
A dwindling high
Is seen as the moonlight
I begin mourning
The imaginary
Astonishing time we're not here to die
What a cozy little place my dear
Excited of the alluring view that's near
A dwindling echo from the trees
are a fucking clown
Used to make covers of my song
You sanity was dwindling now it's gone
Why won't you pay your own mortgage
Cuz you're walking human
Come on till it burns you
Standing against stained clones
The thud of conscience shatters
Another one of yourself

Oh, undying never dwindling
of reverence 
Dwindling purpose, political murder, and dissident urgency 
Wicked insurgency sets in 
Here's a lesson in combatting imperial tactics 
a million shares
It's sickening
A crippling hall upon a kiss and key
I'm sending out hope but my own is still dwindling

Follow all your devil's out of Eden
pavement and I am
Dwindling away and I am dwindling
I’m spending all my money buying clothing that can't keep me warm
I’m spending all the time that I have
me in intact
The needle hidden in a haystack
Unlock the truth of my inscrutable past
Reassemble my identity

Dwelling in this limbo 
Sanity dwindling
never listens, god just lets him rot
His dwindling faith, his strength to carry on
Undeniable hate, it's running through his blood
What is it to live,

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