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Thanks for reaching out
We are Dumpster Fire
Thanks for reaching out
We are Dumpster Fire
Thanks for reaching out
We are Dumpster Fire
I don't know what to say
I'm from another country anyway
I will come to you
Shoving my gun in your throat it's true

Found in The Dumpster behind

I may be a poor man
But I've got a secret plan
To the banquet of your dreams.... Gonna take you...

Dumpster diving
Put you in the mood honey
in the dumpster
The dumpster fire got bigger
Now we need a bigger dumpster and a book of matches

Everything is fine
Everything is fine
K-pop looking motherfucker Rap Monster
Cry me a river 'till i make it go harder
Wack motherfuckers getting thrashed in the dumpster
Yo, check
your time
I should've saw the signs
That I'm just dating a dumpster fire
And I'm not a fucking fire fighter
I keep dating dumpster fires
And I'm not
could never hide
I am just a dumpster fire
But you brought out the best of me
It is complicated cuz I never knew
What happiness was cuz I never had it
were in 

For you will never see the songs I wrote  (songs I wrote)
For you will never hear the words I spoke

Throw the shoebox in the dumpster
teaching courses on foreign affairs
To reptilian students who stare
They don't care

So you think your life is a dumpster fire
Ghost ride the whip
the dumpster and never looked back
You threw me in the field but I stayed on track
Now you looking stupid when I'm counting up my racks
Instead of blue she
God damn she a monster
She took my heart threw out in the dumpster
I tried to get it back but I couldn’t find her
I guess she got the best of me I
Done done
Done with her
Done done
Done With her
Done done
Done With her
Done done
Done With her
Dumped her
Dumped her
Put her in the dumpster
Call me
Thirty thousand dollar dumpsters
Know I'll give it all up for my youngsters
Know I'll give it all for my young
Know I'll give it all for my young
Down in the dumpster daddy was a hustla
Never been a busta 
If me no know you back when me no trust ya 
Back when me no trust ya
Down in the dumpster
'cause i am a gangster
I gonna put you in the dumpster
She a diva i don't need her so i leave her
I put her on auto-answer 'cause i cant stand her
Hollywood dreams are bound for disaster
Hollywood streets, a nuthouse and a dumpster
This is the end of the game
I hope you know where you stand
Ima muthafucking monster
Body a nigga
Then throw his ass in the back of a dumpster
When it come to this rap shit
I ain’t got no competition
So don’t
They call me nasty
Like I'm a filthy fuck
Fuck your wife in front of you cause you're a filthy cuck
You're wife a dumpster truck 
She takes all
livin' in a dumpster world
Break out everybody in the jail,
Lets get it on

Let out the wolves
I'm happy livin' in a dumpster world
Loco gringos like a party with five bails of, hay!
Jumpin' in the dumpster with pepe, ole!
Loco gringos like a party
And they like their women firm
Bitch Shut the fuck up!
Before I drop ya, in a Dumpster
I'm gonna spill blood
Mothafucka, you a runner
But a pussy, so I bet that you won't run up
take the food that you wasted

We're helping one another
That's all that really matters
You lock your food in a dumpster
While it's perfectly good
not to take the trash to the dumpster
And I said that they're crazy
And the dumpster is where you put the garbage
So I went to throw the garbage out
This weekend started bad but we’re really glad
'Cause the chewy dumpster’s still in the bar

Don’t take a three day trip with a one day woman

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