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But you asked for it baby 
You'se a pig nigga ski mask for it baby 
So I can hit you up on front teeth 
You get dumb sweet you want heat 
44 tell the truth about my ken 44
Po Po scared my up honey, and gave her a stroke
Jammed her up wit coke, strung out on soaps
Just listen a beat, ain't
to heaven, reverend
We swerving in our innocence

Taking off in yo G 44 tell the truth about my ken 44
Po Po scared my up honey, and gave her a stroke
Free Remy!
You know what? Free Remy!
Fuck you, Free Remy!

(Fuck Nicki Minaj!)
Are you dumb?
You wore a pink diamond chicken wing chain
by the docks, candy yacht bass fishing
Eddie Bauer Expedition, goin' be infloyd
2000 drop dogs, thank Gotti and Todd
Swift and Ken with skin, with
those who hold bottles 
A whole lot of follows cause they know dough 
And think you a role model 

They want to give you dumb looks
holes in my shoes
I guess I know what they mean by cold city blues
Ken bagged the stores
Tryin' to get money the best way I know how
How? Me and my
all of my proceeds
Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb
After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul)
Yeah, and I

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