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Sailing on the sea
Beggars on the street
Oceans of sound
Locked doors when we're getting home
With no mouth of duct tape
Duct tape mouth
Every song
I could use another roll, another roll
I could use another roll right now

Stop messing with my duct tape heart
Your best won't make it fall apart
Mean little stealer you
Got your head bowed down
I got a mouth full of cotton
Duct taped down
I've been drinking too much Lysol
And my heads
Torn apart
Upon a hook
Limb from fucking bloody limb
Carbonized and oxidized
Pancreatic ducts ripped out
Cleaned of all its organs
Swept completely off my feet
You duct-taped my heart back together
I think that this could last
I know that this will last forever
You duct-taped my heart
sucking the juice from the generator
More volts!
More volts!

More volts!
"more suck at the duct" my dictu
More volts!
More volts!

Burn up!
Turn into
Send me your muzzle
The one that you been biting on
Go buy some scissors
Cut your duct tape shackles off
Much better now
Much much better now
a real outlaw
Duct tape on that license plate, a six gun in the dash
Thunder in the hood, heaven from a still, lightning in a jar
Brother I'm hell
a real outlaw
Duct tape on that license plate, a six gun in the dash
Thunder in the hood, heaven from a still, lightning in a jar
Brother I'm hell
I'll do my best
To make it seem
Like I'm happy

'Cause I've grown numb
Dry as my tear ducts
I've grown dumb
And empty

But don't give up on me
plastique, strapped to your chest
Detonation is imminent
A loud, unsightly death

Jammed in your rectum
Duct-taped to your genitals
Detonation is
improved the 1st step of the procedure I've got a messy, messy, messy girlfriend and I've got to wrap duct tape around my cock just to keep it to
the photo booth
Duct tape you in my roof
Look at it know it's true
Look at it know it's true
Duct tape you in my roof
Kiss you in the photo booth

Stretching, filing,
Against her skin,
Blessed are those,
Who are not kin,

In sin we breathe,
In sex we tie,
Duct tape her legs,
To the red
the ink in his veins what's blackened your eye?

Duct tape stories won't mend this broken heart.
Duct tape stories won't mend this broken heart.
I'm just tired of counting bodies
Is this mausoleum tardy
Let's just paint you a pretty face
Flies dip tongues into tear ducts
In toothpicks
Stretching, filing against her skin
Blessed are those who are not kin
In sin we breathe, in sex we tie
Duct tape her legs to the red sky

vision goggles,
Costco rolls of black duct tape.
It's got red eyes, it's got razor claws,
It's got green skin, no it ain't a meth-head.
And after
You're on the other side

Some kind of savior singing the blues
A derelict in your duct tape shoes
Your orphan clothes and your long dark hair
For your gross misconduct
The tables are rightfully turned
The urethra now a bile duct
The frayed ends of karma are burned 
A gaping gash
soul is safe from harm

So when the tear ducts swell and my strength has gone
I will still believe when His name I call
He will rescue me for dusk
and love
In the cab of my truck

Slidin' rear back window
So it's an easy reach to where my cooler keep 'em iced down cold
Roll of duct tape, WD-40
with a tall boy, short boy, fat boy, skinny boy

She had two new pets
She duct taped those bitches together like dynamite

Smoking that
from the machine
She stared down the hallway at the plastic trees
Waving under air ducts in the automated breeze
A whisper, a flicker, trembling in

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