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When dawn breaks, I shall rise again
And try not to disturb her 
For water
For water
For water
For water
Tomorrow I shall rise again to drudge through
I don't budge
But the boat won't sail if I don't drudge
So I keep on working cause I'm certain that the work pays off
I never took days off and that's

Can you see past the present drudge 
To future where all beings can work through 
To tolerate and understand
So that we can move as one 
Can you
No more the drudge and idler
Ten that toil where one reposes
But the sharing of life's glories
Bread and roses, bread and roses
Is robot influence

Upload me to the robot brain
I'm the drudge that goes again and again
Bring the spooks to the beer-soaked glade
The robots
And the very best of choruses to
Follow all the drudge and sadness
I know that better things are on the way.

I know you've got a lot of good
the drudge that washed up from the ocean and spoiled your finest day
There, beneath the moon, you can only see the shadow
Of the sun from the other side
the sludge
Well I do believe she's crazy
You know she's working like a drudge 

Bless my heart and soul
She's discovered gold
Spread the news around
the verses rhyme 
And the very best of choruses to 
Follow all the drudge and sadness 
I know that better things are on the way 

I know you've got a lot
blank through the frontal
Lobes and back onto the dole and into the scratching paupers grave of daily
Drudge in the Thatcherdom of discontent
to the powers screaming take me Now
Death is this impotent form that encloses me
Limited and doomed the very drudge of mediocrity
And yet they replied your
of the desert
Reeks of an intrusive influence
Nobody is ready to break the curse
Of money drudges
Because their trades get held up in customs
The Flood Flood
the faceless in the none-ness of the void
All bound in chain
All habit homogenised and grey

You are the damned
Willing drudges of the ancients
Nor the spawn that I procure
I've become pellucid to my own ardor
Timorous drudges satiate me with their demure

And I've come to see that some other
an alchemical element
I'll drudge the dregs and the sediment
Reconstitute it and reconstruct the edifice sans embellishment
Pure like the recollections
I'd rather sing and play
Than drudge through life for better pay

Take time to do
What you love to do
Do what feeds your soul
And fills up that big hole
these bare trees
Covering ears with dusty hands when trains rolled through
Cars of coal, they drudge and groan, 
Moan their tales of other towns they've
the past
Let people drudge till they starve to death
Still make a difference between white and black
We‘re on a path to hell
And there‘s no turning back
Seems lïke Ï'm the One                                      
The elected Drudge                                               
To roam the Urban
ubona ku right 
Mina ngilwela ukuziphatha
Be a boss not a drudge
Let go of a grudge
Thatha nayi garaff
Ntwna hamb'uyaspan
Spanele amaphupho akho!
When you scream and shout
As I just try to drudge
Through this lousy bout

It's cliche, that's okay
We're all here every day
This is how I cope
And for
a venter ache
Hollow routes endow a crowd thereof

Bulldoze bedrock, drudge on, until the days deadlocked
Mine my mountainside, boring ore, brothers en bloc
trudge The stairs of life feeling uneasy Like a drudge
I wanna hug and hold hands, Ya'll wanna hate and hold a Grudge
That's how it is 

Fraudulent love
No one's safe again
Through with being everyone's nice guy, nah
2020 was like a living purgatory so
All the drudge I'm channeling
You don't have access

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