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He's the droplets
He's that droplet on my truth ?
He's the spangle
He is that spangle maker

Oh, for that's
Awful that worked it shattering
The Spangle Maker
He's the droplets
He's that droplet on my truth(?)
He's the spangle
He is that spangle maker
Oh, for that's
Awful that worked
The sun cast no shadow, as droplets fell below
We tried to stay afloat, when droplets fall below
The sun cast no shadow, as droplets fell below
be your stepping-stone
Only the memories we make is what we leave
Moments forever sewn in tapestries we weave
Droplets of meaning in a sea of frozen
Droplets, heartbreaks, there’s been so much to cry for and I can’t help it
Honest, is you gon be honest, don’t lie to my face like I don’t wanna hear
the forest was found
So moist, so round
Black Nectar dripped down

Droplets trickled across the ground
Droplets trickled across the ground
Seeping, Oozing
fall like some rain droplets
Stacking up my money like some muhfuckin' chips
Let me go and talk my shit
Stop with all that hating get up off my
My pussy wear a mask 
My pussy don't play
My pussy wear a mask 
Take cover from the spray 
My pussy wear a mask 
Drippinʼ droplets all day 
My pussy
of destruction and rampage?
Another chance to erase and then repeat it again

Counter balance this commotion
We're not droplets in the ocean

me down

I don't wanna be a droplet in your fountain of youth
I don't wanna be a goblet for your potion of truth 
I don't wanna be a droplet in your
droplets of sun
Through the night we shine bright
Once and for all
And as the rain comes pouring in
I see I've done more than I should
I've done more than
Droplets dripping down my face
Water flowing leaves a trace
What ever happened we promised that we wouldn’t fall apart
I knew it from the start
doing nothing more than something
Little water droplet falling down

Gnats and flies nipping at my thighs
Spider webs unseen by my eyes
Annoying little
'Course it does
That River knows our dreams
Clear as God, this river we have seen
Just droplets of, but here
The drops converge in this stream
Mpora kuri drip 
Yo Ni must
Pull up in whip 
Imwe ikaze
Kubirombe manuka
Reba kuntu ntambuka
Droplets zitaruka
G azi guseruka

Drip ni must 
inside it, pain
Tear droplets fall like rain
And I can't change
Never knew losing you
Would put me in so much pain
I can't sleep, I can't breathe
I can't
One droplet on my forehead
One turns to two, turns to dust, turns to you
Who am I to break this one into two

But what of the third,
lil droplet I leave yo bitch drippin 

I gotta stay true to myself, there is no other decision
Fucking on bad bitches everyday, just like it's my
the other, out the ear
You're never watching, only see
Another droplet in the sea
Oceans apart you understand
The fingers grip that lose the sand
Keep in time
Rain falls on my eyelids
Causing water droplets
To form on my eyelashes

Behind this skull, is an unfortunate soul
Who hides behind a mask and makes
that droplet in my eye
I see you
I got you figured out
Come bounce with me out of bounds
Check it out
I can really stay down
Pour another breath
Rain droplets are gently falling
At the end of a great monsoon
These torrents were never ending
Like the start of a great new flooding
But soon
Finally I'm gonna be the one to be seen
Seen by all those surrounding me
And filling me with dreams
Suddenly it's clear to me I'm a droplet in
glittered in droplets of rain
Smelling like crepe myrtles in your bedroom
And glittered in blame

I don't know about you, but
I am trying and trying to change

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