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Some fall by the wayside but I've gone too far to stop

The woman of my dreams she was like a livin' doll
I sent her far away when she set me for
all alone by the wayside
And I'm gone, sitting by the phone
And I'm all alone by the wayside

By the wayside
I'm by the wayside
I'm by the wayside
I hope it's alright but I fell by the wayside
The timings bad, annoying itch
It's never on time then I fell by they wayside

I hope you feel
It's OK
To be safe
'Cause I'm on top
Of my game

But I'm losing control
Falling by the wayside

Dive right in
Take a drink
Enter it
"(By the) Wayside"- Neriah/ Avid- ?Altered States?-Jetspeed Records- 2005

It's just a matter of time
Before it all goes away
So tell me everything
Standing by the wayside, begging for a ride
I been waiting so long, a year has gone
Look at all the people, strangers every one
I've been looking
more style than Son Dooby's got horn
Top o the morn, rise and shine
LA swine, got no spine
Drop that stick, pig, my crew's real thick
Drop your gun, pig,
Flack, rounds, and roiling blight
Cracked vertebrates stacked by the wayside
An ultra-violent call summoning both poet and thrall
The inveterate blind
of it
Just 'cos I want it, just 'cos I need it
If I fall by the way-side
I'm coming down with my hands tied
There is no fall before my pride
Just for
The evenings of Damask are falling 
The youth of truth chest 
Feeds a starling 
With his heart. 

A chosen man begged by the wayside 
A horse

My good intentions just keep sliding by the wayside
But it's high tide and they get washed away with time
'Til everything's gone, 'til
why you do hurry
Strange that I should meet you here, come sit by me".

"I have here a magic horn to deliver
And one drop from this silver and gold
like anything, everything
That's been weighing on me
Falls by the wayside
When I'm with You
I love being with You

I smile when You say my name
Cause no
Now that my world is changing
C'mon back, I should be celebrating


Duckin' in and out
Hiding from authority
Sittin' in a wayside
life pour from your eyes 
Rejuvenate, rejuvenate 
Let strike fall by the wayside rejuvenate, rejuvenate 
You'll never know unless you survive 
know I'm not cynical, I left it all by the wayside, bye bye

bye bye
Bye bye 
Bye bye

bye bye 
Bye bye
Bye bye

So when I move to the big
the smoke
Discarded and thrown by the wayside
Endorse this punishable act
Blame us if we are what you made us
Die slowly but leave us intact
They buried
need you but I walk alone

But I sit by the wayside
Feeling all that I've lost and found
We re so incomplete
But I know
I know Ill never come
Created by design

Take this shame
Stay this one away
Seaside and down
By the wayside
It smells like disaster,
It looks like a trap,
So go by the wayside,
And never look back.
Drop it mami, drop it mami
Drop it on me, hey hey
Drop it on me, drop it on me
Drop it on me, hey hey
Muévete duro, muévete duro

Drop it mami,
Missouri too.

So natcherly I got my doubts, you got `em dropping by the wayside,
A feeling I ain't gonna know.
You came a long way from St. Louis, but
through the darkness
Met the summer coming home
Fallen faces by the wayside
Looked as if they might have known 
Oh the sun was in their eyes
That asked for your hand, and still the same plan
Another brother falls by the wayside
Another brother falls by the play side
I knew ever since I was

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