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hit well I miss with a clanger I'm a moonlight manor and a shoe tight scammer

Watch out for the drones, drones, drones, drones, drones (drone strike,
Killed by drones

My mother, killed by drones
My sister and brother killed by drones

Our lives between your
Fingers and your hands
Can you feel
Drones in the city
Sitting pretty in the sky above me
Drones in the country
Bear so differently to those in the city
And once it calls my name
lose your smiling face
Gonna bring you to a special place, 'cause I'm a 

Drone, pleasure drone
And I wipe your tears away
Drone, pleasure drone
Day to day, day in, day out
Hum drum drone zone
To and fro and so it goes
Hum drum drone zone

Buzz, buzzing busy bees
Consumer dreams and mall
wiping me out, killed by

Drones, (killed by)
Drones (killed by)

You rule with lies and deceit
And the world is on your side
'Cause you've got

Misty on the glass now
Rusty on the door
Here for years now

Click-click drone
Click-click drone
All around town
Used to get down
Used to get wild
Used to get holy
Used to start fires
Used to harmonize with the stereo
Now I just drone
can see them in my eyes when they're closed, I can feel them at night
I can feel them plot a course through the sky, I believe in their flight
my blanket

Awoken by drones
Amazon drones

I wake up in the flies and filth
That used to hold some truth in this town they built
Oh I
the room with that terrible gloom
And the mere thought of a turnaround is bring the whole place down
Stop the press
Who is that mess
Go on drone
Hiding in the cargo was a robot drone
Programmed to destroy Davy's spaceship home
Davy switched out his brains, now the drone's a dog clone
Named him
ain't a girl no more  

Yeah! Drone! Stoned!
Orchestrate the shallow pink refrigerator drone
Carry in the shadows almost all
Everyone wastes my time

The woman that you would murder motions
Drones carry my body
To the top of the mountain of gods
Carrion circle the corpse
Of pale faces ears sewn shut
And poke like fingers towards
Don't underestimate the underground
If we want to be like queens,
We will have to defeat the drones
Defeat the drones that serve the queen
That serve
ain't a girl no more  

Yeah! Drone! Stoned!
They're aware of you
Beneath the chutes now
Tampering with the levers
You release their drones
Indistinct wires
The red black wire
The red black.
Over neon and fluorescent skies

Valerie can you hear those engines drone
I wanted to go to Mexico
But I'm stranded here alone
And once I knew
Not quite dark, not quite light

Steppin' in and out of madness
Such a dedicated drone
And though you find me rather tragic
I'll stay here and feed
are on at Shea
Phone turned down, we've nothing much to say
Dozing off the TV drones
House key makes them turn and glance for home

Locked in
Mais le temps veut autrement du haut de son drone 
De son drone 
Et de son drone 

Et en moi, comme le vent sur les dunes 
Qui emporte le sable d'un
Voted off the island of normality
Voted off the island of conformity
Voted off the island of drones
Damn proud of it too!

Voted off the island

I love you too

Drone lover goodbye
Drone lover goodbye
Drone lover goodbye
Drone lover goodbye

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