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O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling
Come sit you down upon my knee
And tell to me the very reason
Why I am slighted so by thee

I am so deep in
Oh Peggy Gordon
You are my darling
Come sit you down upon my knee
And tell to me the very reason
Why I am slighted so by thee

I'm so in love
O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling 
Come sit you down upon my knee 
And tell to me the very reason 
Why I am slighted so by thee 

I am so deep
Right 'round the corner
Down by the canyon
I met a man who lost his way.

He said I'm the son
Of a sailor
Who never showed me his face.

sinking in the quick sand 
Follow me down the drain
Everyday drinking in the same bar 
Drowning my sorrows away

Take me away take me away
Or I'm
the trees
A single light
ANd I heard the sound, some greatness crashing down over the rise
Is it really funny how time flies by?
You'd know better
by and take it baby, all for lovin' you
I drown myself in sorrow as I look at what you've done
But nothing seemed to change, the bad times stayed
Words RW, music trad Irish: NancyÂ's Whiskey 1978

At age 14 they gave us training
To number off by threes and give salutes
To clean and fire the Lee
Reverend Lee he was down on his knees
He was prayin' while she was sinkin'
Betty La Rue had a bottle or two
Just to ease the pain of thinkin'

I was out
show boat!
Who do you think you are, Tommy Lee Jhones?
Let's go!
Not bad for a four year old!

Been dang near two years since I've had a beer
in our sorrow

His parents kicked him out, they was sick of the drinking, it was constant
They moved in with his sister and her fiance at the spot
the hood, just shooting the breeze
My partners on the cut smoking swisher sweets
Tripping on the hoochies rolling by in they rides
Guzzling up a forty
The ghosts of the past come haunting me
I'm thinking about times that used to be

I past the park where I first got laid down by the canal
We were all drinking at marge's one 
When an old cowboy came through the 
He took a few shaky steps 
Then he started to moan
Right beyond the frozen lake of sorrow
When they reached the ruins of Ayraklis
Losing their will and conscience
They fell down trapped into a deadly
It being in the springtime and the small birds they were singing
Down by yon shady harbour I carelessly did stray
The thrushes they were warbling,
I love beats by the Viking and the Alchemist
People get inside my head like John Malkovich
My life is getting complicated like calculus
I feel
shaving coke
Stay away from hoes, put down the toast
'Cause I be doing the most, oh no
But every time I felt that was that, it called me right back
We're drinking and we're dancing
And the band is really happening
And the Johnny Walker wisdom running high
And my very sweet companion
down, you reactionary clowns!
When it's time for occupation of the shipyard.

My name is Peggy White,
And I've nursed ye through your injuries and yer
em up niggaz can't fuck with this
Shake the pizzays
That black nigga Ren in the old town 
Bitches jockin nigga from the shit I wrote down
10 years
like a guillotine

Drawn like a bull to a matador-
I just see visions of Chrisopher
Shot down by arrows from waves above
Christopher Lydon renounced my
7-1-3, Slim Thug, Lil' Ke
Doing it up with Mr. Lee, Nodd Factor, CMG
Boss Hogg, Big Unit, big primping
No tricking, what, this how we do it mayn,
The golden groves are lined with affluence and roses
But the bagheads down by Central Station are closer to where home is
It can be grim and send you
by his drinking, o-oh
No regret or falling
No well wishers calling, o-oh

And when he sleeps I hope he's okay
But when he drinks he hits on you