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Well, I can tell by the way you take your infusion
You've spent some time in a mental institution
What a dream, life would seem if only
They let
I, I have a dream
I, I have a dream
I, I have a dream

Only Americans eat duck sauce
Only Americans eat duck sauce
Only in America
The place I like to call my mind
Illusions of delusions call and 
Take me to another time

Jaded by my memories 
And worn down by reality
An alternate
by treating retailers as
Though they were all vegetables;
You get a good spadesman to plant a small tradesman
(first take off his boots with a boot
this trouble?
For beige-blandish citizens,
Clutching the rubble
Of vanishing dreams
Of wimpish amusement,
Replaced by a rash
Of creative confusement!
more kiss will seal the lies

[V - The Stars the Sun the Moon]

Rest your legs by the apple tree
See the alternate realities
How you customize
And high concepts then lost to K-Os
Many tales radiate from one nexus
Defending a dream of a new directive
A call from the deep sums up a notion
co-log- nuh directly into de duo-deenum of de unsuspecting victim! now he gone see if he immune to it by e
A dab hisseff!


Flies all green an'
an alternate route 
but the same breed
It's been Twenty-somethin' years now,
I'm still lookin' for the same dream.


Verse 3:
In my World police recognize
possessed by evil djinn
Police state under pad locks and metal glocks
Where the fiends dream of rocks the size of ghetto blocks
And thugs got a tendency

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