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Search across barren land
Inhibitions of solitude for the rising hand

Pepetual dreams
Deafening screams

Dreams and knowledge perishing
disciples writhe with their delight
Full moon is glowin' & you turn toward the sky
Eternal saints are calling, you seem to burn alive
Mesmerized by fire
I had a dream the other night when all the world was still
That I walked out with Abraham below a fortress on a hill
We looked across the Saint
Run that! 
Need some some California love? 
Gotta ton of that 
Saints to angels, across the map 
Done laps around the world but I keep comin' back
I'm half a sinner, and I'm half a saint 
It's hard to tell by the company I keep 
That I'm tryin' to live in a state of grace 

It's risky business,
dead beneath the fabric of dreams. Facing the truth within the mirror of souls - 
ha ha this is what I've become. Always been in this emancipated state
Tell him there's no truth behind the panic
That his cotton cheeks are youthful and organic
His cock is Florida state
I’m drowning hot I'll be a saint
There are no extremities around you
Everything is influenced by an opposite
There are no purities and perfectibilities
There are no words
Christ is
And he never hung with the Saints it makes no sense to save the righteous
By the age ten, we were caged in
Now they raise men in the state pen
solitude  I'm  left  to  atone.

The  sins  of  my  past  are  returning  to  gnaw  at  my  core,
The  scars  I  have  left  and  those  that  have  been

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