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life away
Dream by dream my future tumble down hurt by hurt I weaken every day
Night after night you don't come around tear by tear I'm crying my life
Days pass and the weeks go by
Dream for hours 'bout the future
See the faces and the names go by
Between now and then
These days

Years pass

Overrun and compromised by the dreams
Of the
Instant future

Unspoken names never reach my heart
Unspoken feelings no one miss your
then its Tonka trucks and baseball gloves,
Then his first kiss and his first love oh the innocence,
Just don't last our dreams in our future go by so
tomorrow is a dream
future reality
what will you bring
new life in me
The old future's gone

Fear took down the winged life
The winged life we've led
So kiss the joy as it goes by
Poet William said
In the evidence of its brilliance
In the evidence of its brilliance
Love controlled by time
Future lovers shine for eternity
In a world that's free
Let's tell the future
Let's see how it's been done.
By numbers. By mirrors. By water.
By dots made at random on paper.

By salt. By dice.
shiny examples of human decay
Here let me show you
That I woke up this morning still morning a dream
I've been to the future 
I've been to the future
Fool you twice, you're just a fool
You fear the future's all been written
By the past and what didn't last

All the better to dream of you
and future dream
Oh, baby, sing out, say it again
You will always be my once and future dream
Oh, lady-lady, ough, girl

If I swam so deep into the ocean
The world has gone mad, the future is so unclear
Where do we stand it feels like the end is near
I remember everything you said and what would come
once and future dream
Oh baby, sing out, say it again
You will always be my once and future dream
Oh, lady-lady, ough-girl

If I swam so deep into
And when we close our eyes
We see our future
No longer will we compromise
Our fate is not defined
By right, we choose it

Our dreams, our future
won't have no sweet dreams
He'll be haunted by ghosts from the future
Welcome to the future.
Monday had a sad child
Always feeling low down
Tuesday had a dream child
She's always on the go
So I'm in love with Saturday's child

decisions by what you feel
Live for the future and not the past
The weak of mind will never last

Perceiving visions that reoccur
Analise your dreams
Dream by night, 
wish by day
Love begins this way.
Lovin' starts 
when open hearts
touch and stay.

Sleep for now, 
dreamings how
I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change
Inferno unleashed, a new dawn of time
The past is lost, the future's not mine
Burn the innocent, a sadistic reign
Murder by numbers enjoying your
When my dreams had been shattered by time
You touched my hand, and baby
You made me see there's a future for me
And I can make it with you,
Well, fools fall in love
Just like schoolgirls
Blinded by rose colored dreams
They build their castles on wishes
With only rainbows for beams, oh, oh
There is silence in the dark
There's a fire, ready to start
Torn pages, inked by fury
The inception of the damned

They are calling out my name
Well i'd like to tell you all about my dream, it's a place
Where strip malls abound and diversion's mere moments away

Where culture's defined by
I have burned my tomorrows
And I stand inside today
At the edge of the future
And my dreams all fade away

And burn my shadow away...

I faced