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I want the money cars clothes hoes draping my body in gold
Cullinan Rolls life on the road yeah that's all that a young nigga know
Baby too bad booty
All black draping drawstrings hanging 
Bet that it can cover me from all of that awaiting 
Bet you that it covets me and wants to keep me sacred
You was my brother
Long wait no other
I ain’t never speaking on yo name to na another
Now I lay yo coffin down draping over covers
I ain’t never
money is long (Long), yeah it's extended (Draping) 
I pull on yo block (Block), wit da extension (Bow)
My bitch she bad (Bad), she wear dem extensions
burns a church
Good thing my coffin is first rated (straightness)
Punched out skirt and draping (draping)
At midnight, gullet shakin' (breakdown)
And they say that I might be
Just another white tee
Draping from a hanger
Blank slate not likely
My stains they comprise me
Feelin forlorn
Have been
like a puzzle
Staying strong like arm and hammer, muscle
Pocket full of faith for everyday struggles
If it rain walk over the puddle
Extend 's draping in
Dripping up and draping dine 
Im in the sauce aint afraid to drown
Im balling now im balling now 
Im balling now im balling now 

Boys in the south
Anonymous city kids draping the street
With unformed opinions and liquor and weed
Reach out and touch one, see what I mean
Your hand goes right
in threads of woven deceit

Foretelling mortal demise, truth woven into strands of lies
Knitting the cloak of duplicity
Draping yourselves in gowns
Are you undressed with someplace to go
Off to catch your private show

Why do you greet the morning
Draping your heart in a shroud
Why must your life be
Umbilical attached to a place that can't afford
No landscaping, or window draping
This old lady told me
If I ain't got nothin' good, say nothing
The promises and prizes can't disguise
We are all cowards now

They're draping stones with colors
And a roll of stolen names
Except those we never cared
and shop, draping up designer (yeah)
Got my illegal credit card, keep that dirty F&N (whoa)
Shoot a thou', bet a thou', heard he dropped the pen (whoa)
foot ceilings in my crib, we leaning' draping
Two bitches in my bed, get the camera 'cause we taping
Too many women, I don't fucking see this money I'm
The air
Escaping from your mouth
The hair
Escaping from your nose
My heart
Escaping from the scraping
And the shaping
Of the draping
hardly speak
A fag in a whale-bone corset
Draping his dick across my cheek
Well its into the shame
And its into the guilt
And its into the fucking
hardly speak
A fag in a whale-bone corset
Draping his dick across my cheek
Well its into the shame
And its into the guilt
And its into the fucking
Where I come from, silvery trees
Diamond on leaf, can't you see it?
Why did I leave?

The clipping of wings
The draping of kings
I was here
Upon these walls 
Draping outlines of once living parasites
The human as a rotten spectacle
I eat your skin

Sheath of epidermis
lives together
Mean nothing to me
Draping my molars
Is where you should be
My gullet, my stomach
These lands you shall pass
Then you become shit
of nowhere

A stunning woman, summoned
Comming scimitar-curved
Statuesque, but living flesh
Draping nakedness about their pagan saviors

She came
lying we be draping choose my son, you tripping
When that Don from six, man I'm still a G to the N
I'm staying fly cause you smile, showing love to my
a motherfucking stakeout
A white boy rapping? So we're profiling now
I'll fuck up any white rapper that's been on Wild 'N' Out
With Nick Cannon's dick draping

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