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of em, I been needin' em, on stage screamin' em
Pr's Hill screamin' em
They call me the Greenthumb, the serene one
I laid back from the drum like
up in my grow room, pretty sight
Got a house on the hill with the pretty type
You ain't got a kush man, what a shitty life
I don't wanna hit a bowl
"lights off shit coming at you live and on fire
Kottonmouth kings, and cypress hill"

You know southern california be home of the highest
the poor
And after all you can say you saw
Cypress Hill, stompin once more
I play it by ear, I love to steer
The fifty-seven Bel Air from here to there
Yeah, homie
I thought we, told we been fucking loco
Cypress Hill, D12, bitch!

I'm a little bit off the chain, call me insane
But the fact
[ VERSE 1 ]
I can be paid, and don't have to have money
Jump off a bridge, and don't have to use bungee
I like Cypress Hill, and don't have to smoke