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hate on the kid
Yea they hate on the kid
Don't try to downgrade me
Don't try to downplay me
I'm putting new shit in my city
Them folks going crazy
Some dudes gotta die for you to realize
That I’m the best there is cause I’m that guy
Don’t downplay mines
Search all you want to you will find
it big and try to downplay
The things I did for you, you try to downplay
You try to see right through cause you from my way
Know that you ain't missing
they can downplay your life (downplay, your life)
But I'm never scared, I'm never scared
Can't move me I done been there (I done been there)
shut like it's raining outside
You and your guys
Man it's on sight
Them dey find beef but na money I dey find find

Mmm mmm
Man if them ever downplay my
It’s not the first time I’ve let my fear in
This love you display
I try, I try to downplay
I’ve turned the page
I feel I’m different
I played the game
We can downplay all we want 
But we can't ignore that 

You can let that go 
When you get back home 

Girl I might be gone ta 

Somewhere else
perimeter fully surrounded
I know my exterior
Tried to follow me back
Saw the rearview mirror
But my ice be superior

Try to downplay me, I ain't
on me
Never go out lonely (BBoy drippin' that sauce)

The one and only, they say I'm the greatest
Before I aim it they try to downplay me (try
the sauce this upgrade gone cost a a
I can't let you downplay my features get in the game you can't ball from the bleachers
Bitch you gotta know this shit
Think I'm okay
Why you always running from me in the hallway
Everybody think my feelings really funny
I don't downplay shit and they all afraid
Try to hide my emotions can't keep them at bay
Got so much on my mind that I'm trying to downplay
Don't want you worrying about me so I don't relay
All that for what girl I'm fine
Fool me once won't fool next time
And I won't downplay wish that you'd stay
Oh no no no no no no
All around you got
Talk behind my back
I don't mind, I don't mind
Pray for my relapse
I don't mind, I don't mind
Downplay my impact
I don't mind, I don't mind
When it's
Put your hands off
On your wedding ring
Blood red
I'm appealing

With the lights off
Put your hands off
to find your way out
There you go doubting me
Trying to find your way out
Why you always trying to downplay me
Trying to find your way out
Why you always
I don’t know that much cuz I’m only 21
Against the wall
And you keep trynna downplay my love cuz I’m only 21
Against the wall
like you as a fan
And this ain't easy man, the record labels are greazy and
Even with all that I don't wanna downplay your role, believe me
I think
Easier to downplay (downplay)
Leave the cut this way
To the ocean spray
I've been calling
I've been calling
I've been calling
I've been
shine shine
If my socials don't all intertwine
Don't downplay yourself that's why you're in a bind
Dont be unkind it'll all fall in line
If you don't
but you don’t know how rare it is
Won’t let you downplay our story, we control our narrative
Make America great again man when was this shit great for
it ain't gonna change, nope
If you want better you can get better
They trynna downplay where we from
Overlooked our section now watch as we overcome
to downplay it but I'm over it
Gave it my all, late calls, just savor it
Least I'm not paying for your bullshit
Cause I'm the kind of guy that won't forget

how I see it
From a brown boy perspective
That brown boy don't set trip
That brown boy has set lists
That brown boy is met with
Downplay and stress yet

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