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Aye bout to double up double
We bout to double up
Aye Lets go

I doubled up on my cars
I doubled up on my business 
I doubled up on my women 
So I
I doubled down, then I doubled up
Ran my money up, I made it double Dutch
I gotta sweet tooth for the cookies stuff it inna wood
Only thing that’s
Fee on my head cause I’m next
Doubled up the price outta respect, yeah
Heard he want me dead but I’m blessed, yeah
Out here playing checkers this is-
Yeah I went and doubled up my juice
And my sauce too
Yeah I went and doubled up my juice
And my sauce too
Yeah I went and doubled up my juice
And my
a private jet, yeah I doubled my shit
Got the money in the bag and it all duffled up
Bring it to the Bank yeah you know what’s up
Got a mil bottled up, I’m
I saw a mountain from higher above
I held you hand and I was doubled up in love

Big sky above me, a river inside me
And I'm doubled up in love
they see us saw us maybe not
Said she love me lil more when I'm cashing out
Doubled the bag, doubled it fast huh
Aye niggas is broke, niggas is mad
down and doubled up
Have you ever turned a dollar to a dub
Bitch we balling you been fucking with some scrubs
On my momma we ain't never letting up
my lip
Rookies hating on the movement before I doubled up my bricks empire
Bitch I got a hundred on my wrist that's why
I could give a fuck about
I’m a witness
See the beauty in the struggle
Doubled up on the riches
My pain my gain
It’s apart of the blessing
When I think about the blessing
I'm underground
I'ma double down
Troubled now
But I doubled down
When I'm around
People stumble out
I see that money
I double down
I'm underground
Think its a game?
You know I deserve this shit nigga, I'm 'ppose to be here nigga, ya know
Uh, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh
I done doubled up, yeah
the money
Yeah im stacking them chips
Since i doubled up
Im finna triple up It make sense
All about the money youngin stacking them chips
Since i doubled up
Double Up 
Doubled up but i can't tell you where i
Tripled up but i won't tell you where i took 
I ain't bout to bargain wit you niggas
Just grab it
Doubled Up- Daci Dahz feat. Mock Ten

Mock Ten
I just wanna swim, water splash
Water splash
I might hit a lick and do the dash
Do the dash
a play and then doubled on the backend
We gon slide up on you block and make it happen
Thought he bulletproof then he felt them jackets
He know I keep it
a spliff
Light it up when I’m on one
Yeah I got a lil cup
Doubled up dark tint on the whip
You can’t see me when I’m on one
Yeah I got it out the mud
I just doubled-up on phones
One for the dope and one for the hoes
You can't get me out my zone
Fourth quarter pressure I live thats my home
I keep
Smokey momma said make it enough
I was grinding wasn't making enough
Bosses up then I doubled it up
You can say I changed I'm just living it up
Never go down
Never go down
Got me feeling up never go down
People really love me on the road now
Doubled up my money doing shows now
Got me feeling
Call me what you want
Never get confused
I doubled the reason for livin
Cuz of lovin you
I didn't wanna admit
I fell in love it's true
Admit I'm head
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I heard, I heard, I heard
I heard you tryna find me
I left that drama behind me
I heard you fuck wit somebody
So I doubled
doubled up my love
Damn she hot hot hot hot hot
Damn she hot
I just got a raise I gotta get a up get it hot
I just gotta plate I do not give a fuck
I don't
I know, that's a doubled meaning, but what's the point
Repeat till you're overjoyed, destroyed, annoyed
Wake up, then wonder why I woke up
Eat up,

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