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And so our little city bus crew used to run together
Eat lunch together, girls Double Dutch together
Fellas humbuggin', next day be friends
at the bus stop
Its like a party when we got to hit the car wash
I pancake you all up like ihop
And then I work on your voice at the beach shop
The work will
fire hydrants
They would say
"Hey little Lucy, want to come jump double dutch?"
Lucy would pause, look, grin and say
"I'm busy, thank you much"
Pharrell, Bus
Keith Murray, Redman, hitting that double Dutch
What an event, peace to Denzel
Give this man a round of applause, he do it so well [applause]
Mary J. Blige, with her shades on, I could tell by her stones
On the left, we have Lenny Kravitz, Puffy, Pharrell, Bus
Keith Murray, Redman, hitting that