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um-lotty-da tonight 

Let me try to sing 
Um-lotty-dotty hey, um-lotty-dotty 
Come on with me tonight 
Let me take you there 
'Cause I wanna share 
That same
tuna and hot pots
Like, baby stop it, dotty too long, man cop then chop it
Talk about trap but you make no profit, made history, Gun Lean, can't top it
work no play, 
My hustle schedule is simpley all night all day, 
I'm snapping like paparazzi I'm plotting on Maserati 
Been grinding since lotty dotty
Ollie on a dime, golly what a leap
Posse in effect, poppy in his tea
Dotty I'm a rebel, cut away the pattern
Coffee on the dash, Muppets Take
started up in here 
Billy big thump Brown on bass  Thump Brown 
Brooklyn  Gibson Myana 
And on guitar we got big momma Dotty Taylor in the house 
it to the limit I'm just saying you only die once
Pouring out champagne for all the good niggas that died young

And counting down for Dotty
inna the air and everybody shout hee
Gal a dotty gal and then the man them say hoo
If only you know me
bark your face when you have no gal fi grain
Inna one big, dotty parlor catch up and you're behind

It bun me fi see mi little brethren in a jail
I'm alone

That's another son gone missing
Ain't no love in Britain
Word to Charlie & Dotty
'Cause everyday that's London living
Don't wanna catch
of the dirt and watch the Haji God shine 
Mama Pu, Mama Pa, Mama Grand Puba (Hah hah) 
Alamo, Dotty X and the Lord Jamar (Woooooo, hah) 
We want to party
B, I'm not sure if dem jeans fit you
Ayo, it's Dotty on the beat
(Ayo, it's Dotty on the beat)
(Ayo, it's Dotty on the beat)
Ay, CZR you did
a reason
They in Hampstead Heath beneath a tree at night
And they're leasing their body, it's dotty, yo, the systems kind of grotty
What people see on TV
stupid on Stoney
Same way I just distribute Broni

Look out for pokys, dottys and 40s
We pop them off properly, we love them 'cah they're fully loaded
Dotty and Janie
Rob and Smiley made me, the community raised me
Mom left pops, moved to the Eighties
Canarsie hookey parties was crazy
Glenwood P's, watch
the unsolved, deployed
Little Eazy leave me and Wally, damn, little Angel she was so small
Grippin the bottle of gasoline and the alcohol was killin Dotty
nigga Robby and Dotty too 
Before they starve me I'd rather wild out and be in ICU.

[Chorus: x2]

All these novice niggas
Nowadays I don't even
tryna put on for my bros on the strip 'cah my brother going jail weren't part of the program
But I can still rise up a dotty
Twin-barrel ting lookin'
started up in here

Billy big thump Brown on bass, Thump Brown
Brooklyn, Gibson Myana
And on Gituar we got big momma Dotty Taylor in the house
Manny or Totty
Brum, Leicester or Covey
Likkle longy, what's that, a dotty?
Move dodgy, try kill 'em like Bobby
Tell mummy, nanny I'm sorry
Lambo for Lee and a chauffeur for Romy
Villa for Jen and a villa for Dotty
Ray-Ray no even worry about it, I got it, promise
Me and wifey just had beef
Now I've got too much kicks
Back then, the ram was on bootcuts
But we had a dotty and the .32 spin
When I was pulling up on your blocks
I didn't see
on deck (big ones)
From a dotty to a mock
Man's street-sweepin' in sets (grah)
So we're chartin', got an award
But the feds wanna put it to an end (fuck

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