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Double Up

Women don't stop when I walk up in the club
See your girl with her girl and try to get a group hug
Get 'em to the hotel get some group love
Bend down and pray before the god of sampling
Make yourself by stealing other people's fame


Club mix, dance, rap, don't
on each arm)
And you know I?m bout to double up (I keep one on each arm)
Double up

Pimpin' don't stop when I walk up in the club
See a girl with

The homies call me afroman,
I rap with a live funk band,
if you can't buy my music don't sweat,
order it of the internet.
I'm never on mtv,
ain't drunk, then you in the wrong club
Don't feel sexy, you're on the wrong beat
Tell the bar that we don't want no glass
Just bottles and I'm buying
when you drown, your ass sink quicker if you fight it

Talkin' 'bout you used to rob niggaz with pump shotties
I know you a club music nigga but you
„Hear what? I don't hear anything unusual“
„A sort of strange haunting music
It's been coming in on a interstellar frequency
But at regular