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at all recently
I've been thinking about this since I came home from tour
And I'm sure, I don't love you no more

[Craig David]
Now I gotta explain
of my fame
You better stop! Before I lose control
Had enough of you friends & I'm letting you know
I'm Craig David & I'm running the show
And if
like this don't happen overnight, no no

Now they're telling me 
Bout my imagery
How I'm so squeaky clean 
Whenever I'm on TV
Too much jealousy
Loved ones
Oh, keep self from me
When I'm orchestrate
I'm just a (?)
Of what I see
What don't you best our love
You're the positive one
more if you brought me a packet of Rizla and something to eat
Please, keep it simple don't act like a leech
I don't wanna hear your "I'm not a groupie,
So don't lie

I'm telling you I'm sorry (sorry)
But I can't be here anymore (no no no)
Baby I'm sorry (sorry)
Not even love can make me stay another
fight like we at war, 
And I don't think I love you no more


[Craig David:]
I don't love you no more (no more)
I'm gonna show myself
spare y'all
Why you wanna judge me
I don't ever compare y'all
The city is mine
I know it because I'm there y'all
It ain't even started I'm really
here I want to say I'm sorry 
I don't know where you are
But you know I need you 
Now there's one more thing I'd like to say right here
I could say
a mother named Holly
Father named Arthur, we call him Artie
You don't understand and I'm very very sorry
Cousin named Freida, Uncle named Skeeter
we're apart(for ever more).
I'm sorry for, making you cry(making my baby cry, oh).
I broke your heart, now I'm alone(I don't think I'm going anywhere
raged no more
Like the video films he saw

His name was always Buddy
And he'd shrug and ask to stay
And she'd sigh like the Wonder Kid
And turn her
back home tonight
And my heart is sure
No one else could love you more
Than me, myself and I

Me, looking hard at myself
Without you by my side
, you believe in me too

Listen honey, people talking, trying to pull us apart
Sticking pins and needles in both of our hearts
I love you no matter
You believe in me too

Listen, honey
People talking
Trying to pull us apart
Sticking pins and needles
In both of our hearts
I love you no matter
(David Lee Murphy)

She called me up last evenin'
She said come on by
When I got there she was leavin'
And I was right on time
She said I'm sorry
he rap man
He be rappin like Mike Tyson or somethin you know what im sayin
He dont move his mouth
Open your mouth
(more mumbling)
Everyday I'm more confused
In my life, you're all I know
Laid your love before me
I thought you knock me down,
You had me screaming for more
And I'm sorry that we couldn't get it on
But the love for my girl's too strong

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Come on let me hit it again
Come on let
you see?

I don't want to cry for love again
No more do or die for love again
I don't want to lie for love again
The only way to mend this broken heart
Ding dong, ding dong
Hi! Hey! Sorry we're late
You're not the first
Oh Great!
Hey listen I'm sorry but we can't stay late
So we parked in
sorry won't help you at all
I hate to see you living this way
So you go on baby, I'll make it someday

Yes I know you don't love me no more
[Verse 2: Craig G]
Okay, ready, set, begin I highly recommend
You niggaz runnin the game like some of us sin
Cause if not we gonna kick the fucking door
keep my family by my side
I sleep with one eye open
Pray you'll stay right by me and my (love!)

I'm for real when I say I got an army
Stand down if
love with you
'Cause you're not him
Yeah, she's not him

And why, why can't I love you, baby?
Like I wanna love you, baby
I'm sorry
And maybe it's

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