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Give up, give up; don't you say that I'd be better off
Better off sitting by myself and wondering
If I'm better off, better off without you, boy
the feeling's gone, my love

Now there was a time when I thought I knew you well
But we were young and satisfied
Now I don't know, girl or how to cool my body
Well don't be mad
Just cool down now
Don't be so quick to give up
It may happens sooner than you think
Well, I don't know
I've gotta be home by two
want to
Get it through your head

Degenerate only wants one thing
Don’t give it up
I know you’re feeling lonely
But you’ll be worse when
They’ve had
on each other
They gotta try harder babe
I got stad right by you
And you gotta stand right by me

Babe I can do much, I won't give up that easy
lets me in
I don't know where I stop and you begin
You give me that old time feeling

In the early morning walking, I have you by my side
my feet
Don't even touch the ground

Cause when I'm feeling down
He's there to pick me up
and when I talk too much
He doesn't interrupt
Let me
'Cause you couldn't wait it out
And take your time, try to find out who's the right one

Some people don't listen
Heartbreak by admission
No one is
there baby, sooner or later'
I know ill get it right,
Please, don't give up on me'
Oh please don't give up on me'
I know its late, late in
She said, "don't let my door hit your ass."

One more chance, I'll try this time
I'll give you yours, I won't take mine
I'll listen up, pretend
of me
Baby never give up
Don't stop now
Its never too much

Never give up
Never give up
Hold on babe
Never give up
Oh, oh, oh
Never give
where I belong,

There's nothing can hold me down , it's a "get-up-and-run" day.
And I'm feeling kinda Sunday (Sunday), feeling kinda Sunday (Sunday),
the hurt
Don't give up
So hurt
With the pain you can't hide
So lost
And lonely inside
So hurt
When the feeling has died
So hurt
With the pain you can't hide
in you
What I've got you've got to get it put it in you
Reeling with the feeling don't stop continue

Realize I don't want to be a miser
Confide wisely
the feeling you got to get

Give me the fever in a cold sweat

The way I like it is the way it is
I got mine and don't worry about his

Get up
Get up
make much sense
But what can I tell you

Judging by the evidence
I’m feeling reckless

I don’t know why I would go there 
All to make a fuss over what
keep on growing inside me day by day

The things you do make me so hot
I'd give you everything I've got to give
Let's cut in two the Gordian Knot
I'll take every little thing I do
And give it up, give it all up for you
I mean every little thing, it's true
Give it up, give it all up for you
Oh baby, baby baby
I was captured by the gaze that caught me by surprise
Oh baby, baby baby
I want to pay my full attention in advance
I don't
these times are hard
Yeah they're making us crazy
Don't give up on me baby
Oh these times are hard
Yeah they're making us crazy
Don't give up on me baby
still change your mind 
You can change your feelings 
You can still change your mind 

Everybody wants all the world can give 'em 
Everybody wants
She tries to give up on love every morning
And there's that ceiling and there she is by herself
Wondering if she'll ever find that feeling
tryin' to save my pride
Don't ask me again

Wound up in circumstance beyond my control
Affairs of the heart no longer leave me cold
Oh, what a feeling
you do to me
But this feeling is here to be
Just say that you'll be giving me your love

All you got to do is
Give it up
Give it up
Give it up
Give it
the midnight sky

Don't let the sun go down
Don't be fooled by the changes you see
Interpretations vary once in a while
Don't close the door on me