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by me with glee

Oh, sore in a masterpiece

And I creep creep creep

Creep creep creep for a solid place
Urchin legion

In the night time
Fortune all
for the city
Chasing those green fields
That lie just over the hill
Isn't it time that I rested
Time to stand still 

I need a lover surely as I
Turn it loose
It might be right, it seems
The wrong decision will spoil all our dreams
So if you don't want to spoil our secret dreams,
Don't change
I have seen people walk into the sea
Just to find memories plagued by constant misery
Their eyes cast down, fixed upon the ground
Their eyes cast
did you gain from love? 
Don't ask me! 
All for the sweetest thrill... 

I see a view from a hill - oh oh. 
I see it perfectly clear and I cry for
empty faces
Talk like dreams don't get you far
Maybe make it over the mountains
But you'll never make it in that car

They talk of getting out

The sky is all cast over 
And the stars refuse to shine 
And your lonely, your life is lonely 
Ah in time 

Over here don't concur 
He said you
the echoes it casts

Hallelujah, ujah, ujah, ujah, Lord

Time it would not divide
What the heart keeps inside
Words that don't
seven, eight
Years go flying by
No one seems to hesitate or cast an earnest eye
Yeah, judgment comes in many forms but never scared or shy
I live in five rooms, but they don't feel like home
Since our dreams are shattered by two hearts made of stone
Sittin' in the livin' room don't
If you wanna be with me over and over
Suggest it now, over and over
Caress me now closer and closer
Over and over again

Time and again by
Jupiter Hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river
She threw down her golden band 
Crushed it with her feet into the sand 
Took her silent partner by the hand 
Yeah yeah ooh yeah yeah 

Like a man without a home
Watching people come and go
Carry on their daily lives
Without a thought for the ones alone
Cast the dream aside like
The unknown distance to the great beyond
Stares back at my grieving frame
To cast my shadow by the holy sun
My spirit moans with a sacred pain
that you thought to be bold
Call out, with a courage so false that it shakes
Blindness, brought to bear by the years of neglect

To the dream
standing still
Promises don’t mean a thing
Like a hunt without the kill

Do we ever take the time
To see what comes and what goes by?
Do we ever stop to see
The cops all said
The crowd was iced by the sight

Oh baby don't it make you feel so bad
Dark clouds are over the street
After what I read, I can hardly
Save some time to dream
Save some time for yourself
Don't let your time slip away
Or be stolen by somebody else
Save some time for those you love
With my own hands
When I make love to your memory
It's not the same
I miss the thunder
I miss the rain
And the fact that you don't understand
I've been let down, put off and cast aside
Oh baby, don't walk all over my pride
You can chase your dreams, just take me along
I wanna be more than
goes by different names

All the things that I shout about (but never act upon)
All the courage and the dreams that I have
(but seem to wait so long)
the porthole for my eternal rest

Take me away, pull me over the edge
I don't want want this pain, I just want my death
A slow death by suffocation
Turns my
Come on over

It's gonna be a cool night
Just let me hold you by the firelight
If it don't feel right you can go

Oh, when the cool night brings
free, in death we'll dance eternally forever and ever"

As so the light, cast down from the heavens,
Washed over me like wave
I awoke, it seems, from