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glasses, my cell phone
I got my skinny jeans on, with a band-t donned
Right hand horns drawn and I'm lookin kinda slack jawed
Keys, wallet, glasses, cell
Shedding tears for your dead ones, that's the outcome
Every obstacle in my way, I out donned 
Now they see me up, say they want some 
Beatin' on my chest,
my phone, I pick up the call ay
Money getting long, oh it's get long oh
Racin in the new foreign, you getting Donned ay 
Money going back and forth,
We spend our only season
On a mattress sleeping
With our best friend
We donned our winter livers
With weary resignation
Three southern spines
a map do
Break free from the stat quo
Turns out I'm a natural
So check out my castle
I did everything I can to find escape
Concealing cloak is donned
as a little tike 
Used to hum waltzing Matilda as I rode my bike 
Proud I was proud I was proud as I donned the camo 	
I was proud as we landed checked my squad
playin for both sides
Niggas be senseless 
I sonned em all check they profiles
Donned em all check they bowties 
Put em to rest
Cuz lately I been the best
Sometimes when I lie in bed
And the visions fill my head
Donned in a satin robe
I am holding up the globe
I found that quite amiss
I am no Atlas
Life has
now our doctrine
Constellations of monastic silence
The burial shroud has now been donned
The burial shroud has now been donned
The best experts are saying that it's no more than a phase
But they've all donned their umbrellas and will not put them away (They're Lying!)

a state of frustration
Stop preachin' that education
'Cause this job is gonna make me a king
Above everything else, listen
Donned from head to toe
burning frozen in the oceans of his eyes
And sadly turning backwards to the world that he'd forsaken
He donned the shining mantle of deception
The devil adores me
Yes, I am the fox
And I go where I want

Padre, don't it seem
Hundred years ago
Before I donned the mask
I'm Don Diego
Now there's
to hear the fabled
Magic of the man
And whispered as they waited for him
To stand up and strike up the band

Donned in sacred Moses sleeves
the boundary beyond 
Which she stands.

He's disposed of all his inner mind,
Donned his mask and left the world behind.
He has cancelled all the checks he
We are Siamese if you please
We are Siamese if you don't please
Now we're looking on our new donned recile
If we like we stay for maybe quite
kind of color
In the magic he has donned
And if you want he'll take the time
To ask the sun and moon to rhyme
And then combine
He draws no lines between
Cookin' up a Filipino Box Spring Hog

Spider rolled in from Hollister Burn
On a one-eyed stolen mare
Donned himself with chicken fat
Unscared against the palest of 'em
Gem percents unheard since I'm the storm
Donned '69 power

You can check my stats I got crazy ups baby
C-Know got
where crusader blades shore
And donned them empty-headed beneath the bishop's cap

Shameless scratching at the uncombed earth
Raking the godhead
Did you clean yourself
For me last night
Put the water out and donned a marigold
In your hair to bring me here
Tie one on you

Did you dress me
Did you clean yourself
For me last night
Put the water out and donned a marigold
In your hair to bring me here
Tie one on you

Did you dress me
Sister shed her overalls, put on heels and skirt
City bound she fled the ground to strike her own pay dirt
Strike her own pay dirt

My brother donned
green revolver
Guessing game is over much to my surprise
Worked a miracle, I donned a uniform

Clueless the constable finally gets a chance to say

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