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Living that domestic life
Happy children and a pretty wife
Our Cocker Spaniel's always having puppies
How could anybody be so lucky?

See me mowing my
Jagermeister, or Cuervo Gold.
I'll take anything domestic, light, and cold.

Domestic, light, and cold, that's what I'm havin'.
Serve me up any old, iced-down
Japanese fucker, domestic fucker family
Radical fucker, Japanese fucker, domestic fucker family

スリルなゲームを始めようか Mr. Fucker M
ヤリタイ放題毒舌満開 Mr. Fucker M
the front yard
Picture window with a view of Wal-Mart
Blue collar heaven domestic bliss
It just doesn't get any better than this
We got pink flamingos,
You clean the bathroom
And I do the dishes
I water the lawn
And you feed the fishes
What a neat little domestic life that we live

You change
[Too $hort]
Domestic violence, she got you whylin
Do yo' thang, I don't understand how you get mad
Cause you fuck around to beat her ass
And she
domestic violence
And my money talk for me cause I be being quiet

Quiet, quiet, cause I be being quiet
I let my money talk for me 'cause I be being quiet
E'ry chance you get, you slack bruh

Domestic violence, she got you whylin'
Do yo' thang, I don't understand how you get mad
'Cause you fuck around
And to teach them well

From domestic science
To domestic violence
The right to remain silent
In your prison cell

You can dial M for Mother
Your sister and your
pack, cheaper domestic
To keep the council's road works protected.
Mopping up puke for all the high school kids getting soaking.
Ripping off stickers
jobs back)
And don't point that thing at me (we want our jobs back)

As the bored victims of domestic violence
Gather by the seashore.

super kawaiiii!

What an amazing culture!
Do you hate"the domestic"?
Why don't you Have more Fun!
We were born to be HAPPY!
What an amazing culture!
Smell the battle with the wind
Before you see us
Winterhorde of fury ride
The wind will lead us

Banner high onword ride
Domestic purebred
our memories,
the broken homes and nose that bleed,
afraid to stay,
nowhere to turn,
domestic violence tragedies,
run, run, run,
why don't you walk
of reach
You'll find yourself out of luck

branded into your chest - domestic livestock
Society kept track of your defiance
Branded into your chest -
when the child support's late
Money taking and heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men
The sleepy silent men, the punk domestic violence men
To talk about love cause the game's extreme
Domestic abuse and everything in between
Cause I want you to think of me when you need a shoulder to lean
hectic, domestic lifestyle takes a while to adjust.
Ah, she don't seem to remember that old rowdy rambler I was.
'Cause she calls up her friends an' tells
domestic drama and shit, all that attitude
I'll never hit a girl, but I'll shake the shit outta you!
But I'mma be the bigger man, Big Pimpin' like Jiggaman
We've always been
Red white and blue

Ride our own bikes to sturges pay are own dues
Smokin' camels and drinking domestic brews
If you want to know
on the door it's the law
Domestic dispute bitch I'm too fly and I'm Snoop
I scoot out the back door drop the top on the back
And I don't think a n*gga ever
I never wanted anything like this 
I worked hard, tried hard 
I ran around in domestic bliss 
I fought hard, died long 
Every time you're running
homey 90 days for domestic violence
I try to picture myself, in this position but remain silent
I get to thinkin' bout this shit, we been through
Yes you could say 
We've always been, 
Red, White, and Blue

Ride our own bikes to Sturgis 
We pay our own dues,
Smoking camels, drinking domestic

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