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The cops passed by, but he stayed calm
Cause the leather trench coat was keepin him warm
But this time they walked by real slowly
He thought to himself,
about that little nigga running the streets
Making a living through his beats
What about these whack ass politicians
They don't care if we live or die
In this land of chance do we know right from wrong
Even at a glance we know the road is long
We don't owe a single thing to anyone

Most of us do
These days won't last forever
These days won't last for long
You know, somebody somewhere owes us a favor
That's how things really get done
In this
sided system
Someone's got a hold on my living
So I'm gonna have to do the things that's fair
They got to justify for what I should be giving
Should I
niggaz can't trade us
Do about my business, and all about my paper
You can try to burn and lock, but the group is gon', phase ya
I'm from the gutter,
they can maximize their profit?
People do.

The heartbeat of America
Your true voice
For the life of your business
It's everywhere you want to be
back in
They bleed you dry
They bleed you dry

Show us how to live
How do we forgive
Through the bitterness
How do we get there
Show us how
mind and clean your cash out See a nigga had to pay me if he ever owed me A thug about my business, I'll do ya homie Drink the O-E and tote the tech nine
It ain't none of your business
What I wear in the house
But since you've come to trust us
I'll tell you the gist of it now

You married into
might be walking blindfold into a typhoon
I might be seeing rockets light up the night sky
Right outside of the window of my living room
And if they do
What's the worst they could do to a nigga? Got me lost in hell
To live and die in LA on bail

(My angel sing) To live and die in L.A.
It's the place
scrutinizing you and they got their lil opinions and shit. 
I came in this game, you know and got in this music business to do what I do, 
To make music for
Still we all look for truth in our lives
Searching from different sides
If it's so hard living in a desperate world
But we all do the best that we can
might be walking blindfold into a typhoon
I might be seeing rockets light up the night sky
Right outside of the window of my living room
And if they do
living in
And I just can't see that half of us immersed in sin
Is all we have to give these

Futures made of virtual insanity
Now always seem, to be
acres each to live on
Real nigga to the day that I'm deceased
Even then I pray I'm living through these beats
Dope boy, you can tell by my sneaks
Are never bad investments and they last forever

All these lessons that I’ve learned only mean one thing
I just want to live my life
Never make
tread on us and tell us how to run our lives
No matter where you go
Everyone would like to know
Can Washington D.C. mind the store?
Is there a soul
know a lot of fiends by they first name 
Living in Queens, a lot of cats getting stuck for they chains 
Holding dirty guns, the young owe dirty ones
We bout to lift it up
We never givin' up
The startin' salary, it's hard reality
Find solidarity
We got our leaders too but where they lead us to?
caught the naive of a girl fallin for the OK
Let the pistol smoke the one you live by
Die by, examples of how relationships can be

I rolls the dice,
I was living rather quietly by my village in the trees
Don't bother anybody and they don't bother me
I'm always kind to passers-by, I never make
I do my best to play by the rules
I've bend a couple even break a few
Don't get me wrong, I wanna do right
I just can't seem to live in a virtuous
we were not of the same blood family, as if we live by different laws
Do you owe so much less to these rain swept hills than you owe to your good

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