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We rhythmically inclined cataclysmically in time to be defined the bosses

I got a Jones for a hit, so I'm swerving the block
On 4th Ave 'cause I
biting's never condoned
From the Westside 4th Avenue crew Jones

We went all around the planet, pitchin, and no one hit it
I'm the second batter Ras Kass
killed my baby's father!]

Order in the court!

I'm sorry for the outburst your honor 
I have an original copy of the police report 
January the 4th
å Tommy var i Burlöv, do kommer ihåg, eller hur bög?
-Jorå schlook, vi hade just fotat pieces
Now we're getting fucked by the long dick of the law
You beat upon little boys in the hood
Oh - what you're man enough to kill in a drive-by
Drive by the White House and all you do is wave hi
done stepped out full of brew
Rolled up mi leño for the thirty minute cruise
Dropped me out by my house, now we in the present stage
Got today's