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the hospital hall
Deja Vu, like I been here before
I'm feeling reborn, like a Bed-Stuy brethren, my first born
Dre, I'm about to have a bad boy, family in
Locked up in a loop I can't break loose
Living in a déjà vu
Torn between first and last
What am I to do

And I've been here before
And I got
Call it Deja vu
Call it Deja vu
Call it Deja vu
And I can feel this for sure
I've been here before
And I can feel... this for sure
I've been here
howl at the moon
Is this a dream, or is it that I've been here before?
Takin' my mind, takin' her time, takin' control, don't you know?

That deja'
missing you?

I've been here before and lived
To the thrill of it all
I might be in the dark
But I'm watching you

You, you chase the fire
But you can't
I get the feeling, that I've been here before
Saying all these things to you
I get the feeling, that I fell through that door
Comin' down with
I've been working so hard (so hard)
I'm punching my card (my card)
Eight hours for what?
Oh, tell me what I got

I got this feeling,
or bubble gum
And I'll be here as you disappear
And I'll be around amongst the crowd
Cause anything I wear is a step on down
That's how I've always been
to perfect this art,
When Next left the group it near broke my heart,
But then Debris stepped up as the DJ,
A super team spearheaded by PJ,
Chasing dreams like
jumped up and cut me off

She was like, oh my God, this is my song
I've been listenin' to the radio all night long
Sittin' 'round waitin' for it
at first sight

I gotta find someone to love
`Cause I've been waiting for so long
I never felt this way before
So baby stand by me

Keep on movin'
at first sight

I gotta find someone to love
`Cause I've been waiting for so long
I never felt this way before
So baby stand by me

Keep on movin'
the vibrant, you can't escape the tyrant
You can't relate where I've been
In '98 my problem, actin' too grown and shit
Cappin' at bitches, yeah my religion
Hey you what's the deal
I've been up in here, tryna have a good time
Just tryna deal, when I
Just happened to notice how you starin' at me 
affection and joy
And the warmth that is created by a girl and a boy
I need love

I need love

Romance, sheer delight, how sweet
I've got to find me a girl

Like cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
Now everybody just freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze
Now DJ bring the music please

I've been
torturin' me tell me what you're gonna do, what you gonna do

So here we are again, it's like deja vu
Everyone lookin' at me tryin' to work out if I've been
our move,
Then I was struck by the strangest sense of déjà vu,
Man I swore I was bent "Suffa man I've heard this all before it went",
bigger buns than my man Paul Bunyan's
I’ve been going nuts gettin' all cooped-up
Fully hermitizing but now I’m getting souped-up
It's time to turn the page
somewhere, later on you'll get fucked, beotch!




[Snoop Dogg]
I've been trappin' all day, gettin' paper
Headed to the club
name is DJ Quik and my homies is having a barbecue
Before I finish my whole sentence complete
She was off the bus stop and in my passenger seat
And we
to kick it and swim.
Now I hang around and watch the tides come in,
And I'm thinking how many funerals I've been to.
Watching all my homies get buried in
you need to get low
Duck Down! (Duck Down!)

I can feel somethin' for sure, I've been up in here before
A gladiator in a colliseum ready for war
Should not be looked at as odd, when we're blessed to wake in-
Side of a dream, like I've been here before
And we sum it up with some french
with the bull"
"I've had it up to here with your weak ass rappers"
"I've heard it all before somewhere" 
"I know your style I seen it before" 

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